Every day is worth it

This is a little story from People magazine.

Here’s a story in People magazine.

Every day is worth it

Huang Ya, 19, came out of junior high school and broke down after his first night shift at Foxconn.

His daily work is extremely simple, is to iPhone12 screw, a screw less than half a grain of rice, to take a few pounds of heavy screw gun to suck, a little attention, suck crooked.

He makes an average of 1,300 screws a night, raising his hand more than a thousand times and repeating the same action almost every ten seconds.

The mechanized work overwhelmed him and he became numb.

Oppression and revolt took place every day, and he wanted to escape, but there was nowhere to go.

Every day’s high-intensity work has robbed him of all his time and energy. Even if he wants to change the status quo and go to study and study, his willpower will always be defeated by laziness in the case that basic rest time is not guaranteed.

Thus, in the intermittent complacent, continuous mixed eat and so dead state, cycle to lead a laborious day.

In the end, he spent half his life on the assembly line and in the workshop.

Zweig said:

“All the gifts of fate have been priced in the dark.”

Life is always fair, everyone is no exception.

People in this life, should eat bitter, a point will not be less.

If you do not have the pain of reading when you are young, you will experience the pain of life in the future.

When you really go out into the world, you will find:

Compared with the bitterness of life, the bitterness of study is really nothing.

According to such a data, more than half of the post-1995 generation dream of web celebrity, and a large proportion of the dropouts now want to make money by becoming popular on the Internet:

“Studying is so tiring. My parents worked hard all their lives to earn that money. Being a web celebrity is much easier.”

In their eyes, web celebrity people wear beautiful clothes, live in spacious houses and use the most expensive luxuries every day, and all the money will easily fall into their pockets as long as they take videos, open livestream and chat with fans.

But what they don’t know is that behind all the glamour is the day-to-day effort.

Li, who says she’s an OMG earning eight figures a month, has the grueling task of trying out 200 lipsticks a night.

She earned 300 million yuan for a live broadcast at the cost of working like crazy on only 4 or 5 hours of sleep a day.

Behind plum Seven’s worldwide fame, there are more than 20,000 pieces of material, 40,000 back and forth switches, 25 steps per piece of material, walking about 260 kilometers…

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  1. When the struggle should be a good struggle, can not choose easy, do not leave their own life regret.Thank you for your sharing.

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