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Join Hongmeng ecology, New Oriental Online

Recently, New Oriental online announced to join Hongmeng ecology and become a content partner in the field of Hongmeng ecological wisdom education. Its children’s education product “Dona wisdom Cube” atomic service card has been officially launched in Huawei’s harmonyos service center to provide high-quality children’s education resources for harmonyos users.

Dona wisdom cube harmonyos atomic service card

New Oriental online and Huawei have always maintained close cooperation in the field of educational content. As a professional online education platform of New Oriental, New Oriental online provides all kinds of high-quality online education resources and services for children and adults. Recently, we launched the “Dona wisdom Cube” service of harmonyos, covering all kinds of children’s learning resources selected by the original children’s education brand “New Oriental Dona” of New Oriental online. Through years of independent research and development, New Oriental Dona has accumulated a large number of bilingual video resources, bilingual picture books and interesting parent-child games.

Fun learning resources of Dona wisdom cube

At present, Dona Rubik’s cube has been launched on the “discovery” channel of the service center, which is divided into four sections: Dona small theater, Dona adventure, life scene animation and English nursery rhymes. These learning videos will continue to be updated, and New Oriental online plans to launch more sections and more kinds of children’s English learning resources in the future. Doner Rubik’s cube hopes that through a variety of children’s English learning resources, harmonyos users can create an immersive bilingual learning atmosphere at home without downloading apps, so as to cultivate children’s interest and habits in learning.

The participation of online education enterprises will fully tap the advantages of Huawei harmonic OS in the education scene, and open the era of Internet of things in online learning“ Huawei firmly believes that no one should be left behind in the digital world, which coincides with the vision of New Oriental online. ” The relevant person in charge of New Oriental online said, “to achieve educational equity is the goal of every educator, and online education has brought more imagination. In this cooperation with harmonyos, we hope to reach out to users with learning needs in more scenarios. Starting from creating a more real and brand-new learning experience, we can stimulate each individual’s interest and initiative in learning, and finally realize the maximum diffusion and sharing of high-quality educational resources