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A number of funding policies help you realize your dream of study

With the approval of Beijing Municipal editorial office, Beijing Municipal Education Commission established Beijing student financial aid affairs management center. Since the establishment of the center, under the leadership of higher authorities and based on the actual situation of Beijing, it has participated in the research and formulation of various kinds of student grants and student loans policies in Beijing; We have formulated and improved the implementation rules of various funding policies to promote the implementation of student funding policies; Organize the evaluation of national scholarship, national inspirational scholarship and Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship; Organize the municipal student financial aid policy, business training and experience exchange, work discussion and work inspection; We should improve the information management of financial aid and strengthen the construction of information archives for students with financial difficulties; Establish the performance evaluation system of student financial aid work, strengthen the supervision of student financial aid work; To organize the publicity, information statistics and data analysis of the city’s student financial aid policies. While doing a good job in basic management, we should integrate the implementation of the fundamental task of “Building Morality and cultivating talents” and the educational goal of “everyone becoming talents” into the whole process of funding work, vigorously carry out the education of motivation, honesty, gratitude and social responsibility, and guide the majority of students from poor families to become talents.

Financial aid policy for preschool students in Beijing

Tuition free

Scope of application: public kindergartens, inclusive private kindergartens

Children of the right age in the family of filing The right age children holding the minimum living security certificate for urban and rural residents in Beijing, the subsidy certificate for urban residents in Beijing, the Five Guarantees certificate for rural areas, the assistance and support certificate for the extremely poor in Beijing, the assistance and support certificate for low-income families in Beijing, the child welfare certificate, the disabled children holding the disabled person certificate and the martyr certificate of the people’s Republic of China The children of the martyrs in Ming Dynasty.

Subsidy policy for compulsory education students in Beijing

Three exemptions and two supplements

Exemption of tuition and miscellaneous fees: compulsory education students with local school status

Free textbooks: compulsory education students with local school status

Exemption of compulsory education loan fee: children of migrant workers

Living allowance:

Boarding students: students who have the status of students in the city and study in the city’s primary and secondary schools, boarding students from urban and rural low income families, disabled boarding students from special education schools (including regular class students), boarding students from ten public rural boarding primary and secondary schools in outer suburbs, and boarding students from work study schools. Each student in primary school is 300 yuan per month, and each student in junior middle school is 360 yuan per month. It is calculated and paid according to 10 months per year, and there is no charge for accommodation.

Non boarding students: those who have the status of students in the city, who have established files and registered cards, those who study in special schools in our city and those who study in regular classes in ordinary primary and secondary schools, those who live in urban and rural families with minimum living allowance, and those who are supported by special poverty relief. Each student in primary school is 150 yuan per month, and each student in junior middle school is 180 yuan per month, which is calculated and paid according to 10 months per year.