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Candidates in Tianjin start to fill in on July 6

According to Tianjin Institute of education and enrollment, the voluntary filling time of Tianjin secondary examination in 2021 is from July 6 to 12:00 on July 10.

Candidates should fill in their own volunteer enrollment plans according to the enrollment application guide of Tianjin senior secondary schools in 2021. No enrollment schools and plans published by the Tianjin Central recruitment office will be arranged for admission in Tianjin. The enrollment plans, materials and information obtained through non official channels can not be used as the basis for candidates to fill in their wishes and enroll senior secondary schools.

During the voluntary filling in, the enrollment school will provide various forms of recruitment publicity and consultation services to the candidates, which will facilitate the students to understand the relevant situation of the enrollment school and guide the candidates to fill in the volunteer.

1、 Online consultation meeting

From 9:00 to 16:00 on July 6, the online consultation meeting of Tianjin senior secondary school enrollment will be held in 2021.

Candidates can enter the online consultation meeting site according to the following steps:

1. log in to the enrollment information network (, the PC end user clicks “computer access address”, and the mobile phone end user clicks “mobile access address”, and then enters the enrollment consulting platform of advanced secondary schools through computer and mobile phone respectively.

2. after entering the online consulting platform, click the name of the school to consult and enter the consultation page of the school.

3. after entering the school consultation page, candidates can browse the hot questions answered by the school; Candidates can also fill in the title and content of the consultation, and ask the enrollment school their own concerns.

4. the consultants of the enrollment school will give answers according to the questions. The answer to the question will be displayed on the school’s Advisory page.

2、 Consultation of enrollment schools

Candidates and parents can consult the telephone of the enrollment school published in the guide for admission of senior secondary schools in Tianjin in 2021, and go to the relevant schools for on-site consultation.

The field consultation activities of all enrollment schools should implement the requirements for epidemic prevention, select open-air environment as far as possible to hold on-site consultation activities, and do a good job in the comprehensive disinfection of the consulting site. During the consultation, all the personnel entering the site shall conduct temperature test and check the entry of Tianjin Health Code “green code”. All admission schools shall restrict the flow of the entrance personnel, keep the safety distance of the personnel in the field, and all personnel shall wear masks.

Prompt examinees and parents to pay attention to and abide by the relevant regulations of the enrollment school, whether online booking is necessary. Arrange in advance, wear masks and obey the command of the on-site staff.