How to study abroad after graduating from high school? How to study abroad after graduating from high school?

Generally speaking, high school graduates are the mainstream group of studying abroad. Generally, people who have a high school diploma or equivalent academic ability can apply to study abroad. So how do students with a high school degree study abroad? Here is how to study abroad with only a high school degree.

There are two ways to study abroad for a high school degree. One is to apply directly to a foreign university, and the other is to apply to a foreign university through a Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run study abroad institution.

1. Apply directly to foreign universities

Generally speaking, it is more difficult for students who have just graduated from high school to apply directly to foreign universities. Direct application for studying abroad has the following requirements:

1. Educational requirements: graduated from high school or equivalent

2. Language requirements: You must have a language foundation. Usually, direct application to the EU-British Study Abroad Association requires students to have an IELTS score of 6.5 or more, and a TOEFL score of 70 or more. If you apply directly to study in Korea, you must have a TOPIK level 3 or higher in Korean.

3. High school scores: Usually, British and British countries will also require students to provide average GPA during high school, as well as college entrance examination scores recognized by countries studying abroad, such as SAT scores in the UK and A-lever scores in the UK.

4. Economic Ability: For students who want to apply directly to study abroad, the economic strength of the family is also a necessary condition. Because if you apply to study abroad in European and British countries, after four years of undergraduate study, most colleges and universities will need at least 800,000 to 1 million. This is not something the average family can afford.

In addition to the above-mentioned rigid conditions, if you want to apply to a prestigious university abroad, students are also required to have wonderful performance in extracurricular activities, such as award-winning experience in math competitions and other activities. In short, applying directly to study abroad after graduating from high school places relatively high requirements on all aspects of students.

2. Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools and studying abroad

Of course, in addition to direct application to study abroad, there are also Sino-foreign cooperative education programs to study abroad. So students who do not meet the above requirements do not have to worry. We can also apply to study abroad through Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. So, what are the application requirements for Chinese-foreign cooperative education to study abroad?

Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools to study abroad has the following requirements:

1. Educational requirements: should be a previous high school graduate or equivalent

2. Performance requirements: Most domestic Chinese-foreign cooperative colleges and universities will conduct a unified entrance test for students who sign up for the Chinese-foreign cooperative study abroad program. The content of the entrance test includes English written test + interview and comprehensive proficiency test. Students can enroll after passing the exam.

3. Economic capacity: moderate economic conditions are sufficient.

Compared with the direct application for studying abroad, the cost of studying abroad in a Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school is relatively low. Take the 2+2 study abroad program as an example. For students participating in 2+2 study abroad to study in the UK and the UK, the domestic cost is about RMB 70,000 to 100,000, while the cost abroad is about RMB 200,000 to 300,000. The total cost in four years is Around RMB 800,000. If you apply directly to the British and British countries to study abroad, the total cost in four years will be about 1.2 million yuan. Overall, the Sino-foreign cooperative education program can help students save about 400,000 yuan in overseas study expenses.

In addition, almost all foreign universities that Sino-foreign cooperatively run colleges and universities cooperate with are famous universities in various countries. Students can choose the country they like to choose a school.

In summary, for students who have a high school degree and want to study abroad, choosing a Sino-foreign cooperative education program to study abroad is less difficult, and the low cost can realize their dream of a prestigious school.