Every day is worth it

Anything too comfortable is downhill

Recently, an article about the post-00s has gone viral, referring to a special group of people — “the post-00s who produced the iPhone12”.

Every day is worth it

In my impression, after 00 has always been the little fart child in the eyes of parents, did not think of the earliest batch after 00, has stepped into the assembly line.

Unlike young people in the past, they choose to work on an assembly line, but do not stay in the same line.

They derided themselves as “bucket toggers”, who packed their lives in buckets that contained only the bare minimum of clothing and supplies to facilitate migration.

If you get your salary, or if you feel too tired or too tired, you might run away with your bucket.

From one factory area, migrate to another factory area, like migratory birds general, by the busy season and come, step off season and go.

Most people don’t have a long-term plan when they are studying, and they don’t have any ability and energy to think about improvement after they enter the society, so they can only step into the assembly line and do some mechanical work.

At first they want to make enough money to get out of the rut, but often they come back to the factory in September and start all over again.

They lived a life where they could see their heads at a glance.

After a popular search on the topic, the comment section had this:

It turns out that the gap between people really can be greater than the distance of the Milky Way.

It’s poignant and sad.

I used to live in the countryside where the education was relatively backward and many people went out to societybefore they graduated from high school.

In their eyes, it doesn’t matter whether they go to college or not. Anyway, they will have to work sooner or later.

But once they’ve worked for two years, they’ll regret it, because that’s when they realize:

To read or not to read, the difference is the whole life.

One of the many Internet memes about “working people” that has cropped up recently strikes me:

“Before I entered the electronics factory, I had a dream about literature, about love, about traveling across the world.

Now I work in the factory, parts and parts meet together, is the sound of broken dreams, good night, workers!”

In fact, this is not a joke, but the cruel reality.

According to the 2019 National Education Statistics Bulletin, the enrollment rate of higher education in China is only 51.6 percent, out of a total enrollment of 40.2 million students.

This means that nearly half of those who graduate from high school go out into the world, and that does not include those who only attended junior high school.

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