He used Oracle to write the college entrance examination composition

He used Oracle to write the college entrance examination composition

Oracle bone inscriptions have inherited power in the history of Chinese civilization. From rock wall pictures, pottery inscriptions, oracle bone inscriptions, inscriptions, inscriptions to Wei and Jin regular scripts, the civilization inheritance has a history of more than 8,000 years. Oracle bones have been spread since the Yin and Shang dynasties. It mainly records the deeds of Pan Geng moved from Yin to King Zhou in 270 years.

He used Oracle to write the college entrance examination composition
The oracle bone inscriptions lasted from the late Shang Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period. The style is rigorous, and it needs to have three elements, namely pen, knot, and composition. From the perspective of the structure of the style, it is already very strict. All are reflected. Due to the long history of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, Oracle is the only document that can be studied.

It is difficult for ordinary people to master oracle bone inscriptions, let alone use oracle bone inscriptions, but ordinary people also have the dream of studying ancient Chinese inscriptions. There was a tricycle driver who was studying oracle bone inscriptions. Fudan University was admitted exceptionally. In 2009, an examinee also used oracle bone inscriptions. Wrote an article, also got an exceptional admission.

This student is called Huang Jiao. He is an examinee in Sichuan. He writes in Oracle in order to make a blockbuster. He had this idea before the exam. This idea came from the tricycle driver who was admitted exceptionally by Fudan University, and the Oracle composition was indeed It has attracted the attention of many universities.

However, in the exam, his composition was only 6 points. The reason why he was only given 6 points was that some scoring teachers also gave explanations. They notified this Oracle article and invited some university experts to analyze it. The result was in the composition. Not only Oracle, but also inscriptions on bronze and small seals, it is a hodgepodge of ancient Chinese.

However, after the translation, the composition seriously digressed. In the end, the scoring teacher only gave her 6 points, but he does have a talent for ancient Chinese. With his score of more than 400 points, he can only walk on three lines, but Southwestern University of Finance and Economics told him through the school. Threw an olive branch.

Sichuan University also extended an invitation to him. After weighing the left and right sides, Huang Lai chose Sichuan University. Since enrolling, he has become very low-key and just wants to study well. Sichuan University professors have also taught him one-on-one since 2009. From the beginning, the school tailored a special learning program for him.

In 2011, Sichuan University also specially hired a professor of ancient literature to teach him. They planned to train him as a “geek” and “partial talent” twin students. According to the plan, the yellow lace flies need to receive three stages of training, basic course learning, and key points. Cultivation, and special training.

At the third stage, the yellow lacewing was ready for postgraduate study, but the teacher in charge of teaching him ancient Chinese thought he was exaggerated, and Sichuan University had more outstanding students than his, and the special treatment was unfair to the students. In 2011, his tutor did not Yuan was teaching him and resigned to the school.