With an open heart

Think big and live a good life

There is a sentence in “Cauliflower Tan” : “How much time does the long race and the short race in the stone fire?The horn of a snail is more female than male. What about the big world?”

One man is but a drop in the ocean.

With an open heart

The time we care about may just be the lightning flash of the universe.

Where we tangle, perhaps only as small as a snail’s horn.

What is the pattern?It’s how you see the world and yourself.

The pattern of a person, mirroring his world, also affects his life.

It is often said that those who have a pattern accomplish great things.But the truth is that most of us live ordinary lives, busy with little things.

Think big pattern, is to live a good life.

Pattern, standing at the height to see life

Someone on Zhihu asked: “What do you think the pattern is?”


One popular answer is: “To enjoy the best and to endure the worst.”

People have a big pattern, they know that the normal life is ups and downs.There is no smooth sailing, get is experience, not when is experience.

After being demoted several times, Su Dongpo was still able to eat wherever he went.

He knew the bleak place, but it was “neither rain nor shine”.

His magnanimity is his lofty heart for life.

Zeng Guofan often admonished himself in one sentence:

“Sheng often thinks when he is in decline. He goes on stage when he reads the end.”

With a low – key heart, do high – key things.

Once you see a high mountain, you know it is not easy to go down, so you will cherish every day with the wind.

All our lives, we are just travelers on the road of life.

Having the big picture in mind is like taking the high ground.

See the road ahead is smooth, also know that there is always a wrong way.

Journey after journey, phase after phase in the present.

Pattern, mind broad life

Qing Dynasty Kangxi years, big bachelor Zhang Ying received a letter from his home, said in order to three feet of homestead, and neighbors quarreled, to help him.

After reading and smiling, he wrote back:

“Thousands of miles of books for the wall, let him three feet what harm?

The Great Wall is still there today, not seen in those days.”

The family saw the letter, immediately without dispute, but also to give up three feet of ground.

After the neighbor knows, also let go 3 feet ground, became famous “6 feet lane beautiful talk”.

Whose life is not like this?

Once the painting, calligraphy, chess, poetry, hops, one day will fall into the daily, into daily necessities, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar tea.

But the circle of people is smaller, the heart must not become smaller, otherwise, life may become a chicken feather.

Too small heart, will take their own hammer, to measure the right and wrong of others, measure the right and wrong of others.

But the world is big, people are different, to accept the differences of others, but also to tolerate their own all.

Heart has a big pattern, such as the sea admits all rivers, good as water.

The more prosaic the day, the more need for a broad mind, can be at peace with happiness.

Pattern, seriously think over life

In The Fruit of Life, Xiu Yi is an architect who wanted to build a house suitable for nature when he was young, but failed to popularize it.

Instead of complaining or getting discouraged, he built his life and lived it.

For decades, he and his wife, Yingko, lived in a small house on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by lush trees.

They laid out gardens and orchards that worked, plowed, and harvested according to the season, fulfilling his original vision.

Eiko said.

“The longer you live, the better life gets.”

In an age when everyone rushes forward, they step back, slow down, and live a life more in tune with their hearts.

This year there was a word called “inner scroll”, which used to refer to a state of social stagnation, but now it has become a joke about people’s inability to live, work or study.

Forced inside roll, most of the time is also because I do not know what they want, will parrot, will be anxious to be left behind.

It’s like a lot of people watching a live broadcast, they get excited and then place an order, only to find that they don’t really use it.

Socrates says:

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Big picture people, treat their own life, have a serious thinking.

Therefore, it can be neither humble nor arrogant, not in a hurry, not carried by external standards, to grow at the right pace.

Pattern, is a person’s realm, determines his view of the world.

Pattern, is a person’s mind, determines his tolerance with the world.

Pattern, is a person’s thought, determines whether his life can live comfortably.

Ordinary as we, only willing to have a big pattern, live a good life.

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  1. All of our lives we are just travelers walking on the road of life. We should seize the opportunity and keep a positive attitude at all times.Thank you for your sharing.

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