Good news from the Ministry of Education

Good news from the Ministry of Education

It is the wish of many parents to “hope their children to become dragons and their daughters to become phoenix”. Some parents will let them go to cram schools to learn in order to let their children grow better. However, doing so increases the pressure on students. Some parents feel that students usually Just reading some books, there is basically no pressure, but going to work by yourself is a lot of pressure.

Good news from the Ministry of Education
As the pace of life accelerates, some companies have adopted the 996 or 007 work system. 996 simply means working 6 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm, while 007 means that it is open throughout the year, so Parents think that studying is a happy thing compared to work, but the pressure of students is not much easier than work. Parents should relax their children when appropriate to relieve the pressure of study.

Basically, many students take part in the annual high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination. This year, the number of college entrance examinations has reached 10.78 million, which is tens of thousands more than last year. The high school entrance examination is also controlling the progress of education, and the general occupation ratio should reach 5:5. This means that half of the junior high school students may not be able to enter the general high school, they can only go to the vocational high school or review for a year.

Moreover, some public schools no longer recruit repeat students. After all, repeat students occupy teaching resources, which is unfair for the corresponding graders. If students really want to review, they can only go to private schools or self-study at home, but private schools The tuition is not cheap, and the faculty and teaching level are also uneven, so review is not the best choice for students.

In addition to learning the knowledge in the classroom, some students have to go to remedial classes or learn an art on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Some parents feel that the admission scores of art universities are low, allowing their children to master an art in advance , Even if he doesn’t get good grades in culture in the future, he can still go to art school.

However, some arts are very dependent on children’s talents. If children do not have this talent, then parents do not need to force their children to learn, otherwise it will be difficult for them to find a job in the future. After all, there are more and more art students now, just use broadcast Take the host major as an example. Their counterpart major is the announcer, but the TV station recruits only a few hosts every year, and not all students of the broadcast host can find a counterpart job.

It is worth noting that there is good news from the Ministry of Education, which concerns all primary and secondary school students, that is, during the ten minutes between classes and other non-teaching hours, the school cannot stop the legitimate game activities or exchanges of students. This decision will It will be implemented on September 1st, and the children’s body and mind will also be temporarily relaxed, but there is still bad news.

The bad news is that tuition fees have risen. For example, the tuition fees of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province have risen a lot compared to before, with an average increase of about 1,000 yuan. After going to college, students need to pay for their own clothing, food, housing and transportation in addition to tuition. If the tuition rises, it will have an impact on economic conditions. Not a good thing for poor families.

However, it is good to let students rest for ten minutes between classes. The combination of work and rest allows students to spend more energy on their studies, thereby improving their own efficiency. Of course, ensuring adequate sleep is also very important. Generally speaking, 9 hours’ sleep is enough for junior high school students. Dear friends, do you think it is reasonable for students to sleep for a few hours a day? Welcome to leave a message to discuss, and click to follow to learn more.