He is a genius cultivated in our country

He is a genius cultivated in our country

“Recalling and discussing the heart, the youth of Yanzhao Haojun” Zai Jin was able to read at the age of three, write essays at the age of five, and couplet couplets at the age of nine. Chengzu’s appreciation and reuse. However, because of his personal temperament, he was very upright and disgusted with flattering remarks, which made most courtiers criticize him.

He is a genius cultivated in our country
In the court, he was considered a party of the prince, and was imprisoned in Jinyiwei Prison. Since Jinyiwei Prison belonged to the second prince, Xie Jin was drunk in prison again, and was eventually buried in the snow, and disappeared quietly in an icy and snowy winter. Since ancient times, China has never lacked a child prodigy like Jie Jin, but some are as dazzling as the above-mentioned and some are like dazzling galaxies, which will last forever. He is a genius cultivated in our country, and he was scrambled by China, Germany, and the United States. In the end, he chose to become an American citizen, his name is Gao Huajian.

Gao Huajian is one of the dazzling galaxies. He was born in Sichuan. He showed unusual minds since he was a child, especially in his studies. He was a few blocks away from children of the same age. In that era when the material life was not yet rich, Gao Yongjian His parents have always given him great hope. In the era when the “prodigy” was not very popular, in the face of Gao Huajian’s talents that he has always shown, his parents were also very confident in his strength, and they chose to skip the grade without thinking. .

Because of his childhood wisdom and the great cultivation of his parents, Gao Huajian was admitted to Xi’an Jiaotong University at the age of fifteen. There are college students everywhere, that is, everyone’s experience and thinking are more mature than him. Gao Huajian There is no stage fright, but has always shown strong adaptability, and has adapted to this university life with superb ability.

After just a few years of university life, Gao Huajian obtained a degree in engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University with his outstanding personal ability and strong adaptability. However, in the face of achievements that some people could not achieve at his age, he did not choose to stop there. Stop, but go to a higher level-go to Harvard for further studies. This hard-won opportunity was even more that he took the initiative and obtained it from his mentor.

Excellent people will shine everywhere. Gao Huajian’s learning process in the United States has been smooth sailing. After two years at Harvard, he obtained a master’s degree with excellent results. At the same time, geniuses are often not satisfied with the status quo. After obtaining a master’s degree At the same time as his degree, he also got an opportunity for further studies to pursue a Ph.D.

As we all know, it takes a long time to study for a Ph.D. and it may be difficult to graduate. However, Gao Huajian studied for a Ph.D. in the United States and obtained this hard-won degree in engineering science in only four years. , And lead many people at the same age at the same age. “In the past, nasty is not enough to boast, but now there is no limit to debauchery.” Gao Huajian was full of spirits. He was just 25 years old after a large circle of degree studies. Such talented teenagers are rare in the world, not to mention China.

After completing his doctoral studies in the United States, Gao Huajian stayed on to teach in the United States. He served as a tenured honorary professor at a well-known American university, Brown University, and was later elected as an academician. In the process, his own knowledge continued to deepen. Although Gao Huajian teaches in the United States and has joined the United States, he has always had a Chinese heart, and he has continuously used his knowledge academically to help domestic technological progress.

He also served as a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Tsinghua University also appointed him as the director of the Center for Advanced Mechanics and Materials. In addition to these, among the many students trained by Gao Huajian, more than 20 have left the United States and returned to China to make great contributions to the aerospace industry of the motherland. These people who have contributed to China’s aerospace industry share with Gao Huajian’s hard work. not open.

“The stone of the mountain can be used for jade.” Among the students trained by Gao Huajian is Wang Xiang. He also successfully obtained a doctorate degree in the United States, and despite the excellent experimental conditions abroad, he resolutely returned to the motherland for my country. He has made great contributions to the aerospace industry, and he is responsible for the most representative docking between Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-8. In addition to his place in the field of practical operations, in academic terms, Gao Huajian’s papers are also very representative, and his theory is the most cited when students submit papers.

Gao Huajian has also been criticized by many people because he did not choose to return to China. Some people also think that this is a manifestation of his “unpatriotic”, but there are always two sides to everything, and nothing can be analyzed from one side. The reason why Gao Huajian did not return to China may also be that year. His scientific research conditions cannot keep up. It may also be a personal pursuit of academics. However, during his years in the United States, he has used American cutting-edge technology to train a large number of scientific research talents. After returning to my country, these talents have contributed to the construction of our country. A part of one’s own strength.