Respect must be mutual

Some parents, always take out the high attitude of parents, think That I gave birth to you raise you, I want to do what I want.Peeking the child’s diary, probing into the child’s privacy, language “beating” the child…I have a student, her diary seems to have no place to hide.

It seems only to take with her hand is the safest, her mother always read her diary.I spoke to this mother, and she had her own point of view: If you don’t have a dirty secret, why be afraid to read it?

That’s normal, isn’t it?I did it out of concern for her and fear that something might happen to her…The mother’s concern for the child was genuine, but it was rude and disrespectful.

Everyone has his own privacy, when others peek into your privacy, your secret is known by others, how will you react?Adults and children are alike.

It becomes clear when you put yourself in their place.Especially children their self-esteem is very strong, your simple and rude behavior, inadvertently will hurt the child’s heart.

The child does not say what may be the child sensible, or the child also take into account that you are his parents, not with you.But that doesn’t mean the child is completely relieved.

Parents need to look for the good in their children, and a word or two of encouragement from you can boost their child’s resolve. Mark Twain once said, “A compliment is worth ten days’ food.”This shows how important praise and motivation are.Adults in the workplace or work also want to hear praise, it is a recognition of their own value, let alone a child.

In fact, children are very tired when they are at school.Every day to sit a normal eight classes, and some schools have evening self-study.

Therefore, both physically and mentally relatively depressed, after school is the time to relax and rest.Some parents let their children go to make up the missed lesson, come back all over the world;On weekends, you will see there are always students carrying schoolbags to make up lessons in the street.In fact, many children do not want to go, under the pressure of parents had to go.

Some kids have a full day, like a star making announcements.In addition to learning, what to learn painting, music, dance…Some children are tone-deaf, but their parents want them to learn music.Is not lets the child shuttle in the vacant pursue, in the end what harvest also does not have, just “follow suit” just.

Friends, parents, give your child some free time and ask him or her what they want to do.Don’t let them listen to you like a machine.Lu Xun’s article wrote: “play is a child’s normal behavior, toys are children’s angels.”Why turn the normal into the abnormal, why push away the angel and put on the shackles of the fetters.

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  1. Parents should give their children timely encouragement to help them overcome difficulties, the building Lord this article inspired very much.

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