Marry a poor bachelor because you can't find a job

Marry a poor bachelor because you can’t find a job

In ancient my country, the imperial examination was the only way for most people to change their destiny. Because of this, many people chose to study. However, reading often meant that they could not work and their lives were very poor. However, the scholars themselves do not think so. As the poem says, “Scholars have never been poor since ancient times, and they have a lot of literary talent in the world.” Although they lack material, their spiritual wealth far exceeds that of others.

Marry a poor bachelor because you can't find a job
After the restoration of the college entrance examination system, many poor students had an excellent opportunity to change their destiny. At that time, as long as they had a college diploma, they could easily find a corresponding job and no longer have to worry about life. However, there are no absolutes. There is a woman who was admitted to the National People’s Congress with a score of 692, but because she couldn’t find a job, she was helpless to marry a poor bachelor and gave birth to six children. What about her current situation?

Wu Jihong was born in an ordinary rural family. At that time, the country attached great importance to education. Many rural families knew that only knowledge can change the destiny of poverty, so Wu Jihong was sent to school by his parents. Unexpectedly, Wu Jihong has excellent learning talents, and her learning methods are more reasonable than those of her classmates. Every time she takes an exam, she ranks among the best in the class. According to common sense, it is difficult for people in rural high schools to be admitted to college, but Wu Jihong’s results are very good. , Many people are optimistic that she can enter the university to study.

In 1994, Wu Jihong took the college entrance examination that year and scored 692 in one fell swoop. Even if such scores are placed on a national scale, it is at the level of academic hegemony. Most schools can let her choose. After some thinking, Wu Jihong entered Renmin University of China and started his college life here. At that time, the country still had a policy of assigning jobs to college students. As long as they were admitted to college, it meant that they didn’t have to worry about their lives. Wu Jihong was also very happy about this, and felt that he would have support for the rest of his life.

However, when she was about to graduate, there was an accident. Even college students no longer assign jobs. Everyone has to compete on their own ability. This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Wu Jihong. Since she did not choose some popular majors when she was admitted to university, she chose a direction that she was more interested in, thinking that she could find a job anyway. After the relevant regulations changed, she started to panic and worried about her future development.

After finishing her university career, Wu Jihong, like most of her classmates, decided to go to a big city to find a way out. However, on the one hand, Wu Jihong’s expressive ability is not outstanding, on the other hand, her major is indeed too unpopular. Cities such as Beijing and Guangdong need counterparts. Wu Jihong is unable to find a suitable job for the talented person. In desperation, she can only retreat to try a civil servant. If she can get admitted, it is also a good choice. In the exam, she performed well and successfully passed the written exam, but she did not clearly express her thoughts during the interview, and was directly eliminated by the interviewer, which also made Wu Jihong very frustrated.

In the end, Wu Jihong had to return to her hometown, hoping to have a place here. After some interviews, she found a local software company and became a file manager. Although she usually works harder, she has a salary of 3,000 yuan. Such a salary is considered considerable, and Wu Jihong himself is more satisfied with it.

It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long. It didn’t take long for her father to die of illness. This was a huge blow to Wu Jihong. She didn’t want to work at all for a while, and made many mistakes at work. Some colleagues also expressed dissatisfaction with it. , Wu Jihong was originally psychologically weak, and he couldn’t bear the accusations of colleagues, and finally chose to resign.

Wu Jihong tried many jobs, but never found a suitable one. She chose to resign after working for a few months every time. Her inner ambition gradually faded and she became satisfied with the status quo. So she looked for a partner locally, hoping to get married and have children. Live the life of a housewife.

Wu Jihong himself is in good conditions. He is also a college student, and soon found a marriage partner. The other party is a local ordinary person. After marriage, the two gave birth to a daughter. But soon after, her husband discovered that Wu Jihong had some mental problems. The two sides quarreled many times. Eventually, her husband filed for a divorce, and Wu Jihong was alone again.

And Wu Jihong has completely accepted his fate, and once again married a local poor bachelor named Deng Gaohua, and gave birth to five children after marriage, life is very difficult. Fortunately, with the development of the times, Wu Jihong’s affairs were exposed on the Internet, and many netizens provided assistance to her. The local authorities also arranged work for Wu Jihong, which changed her status quo. This shows that people should always keep hope in their lives, as long as they persist in the end, they will surely usher in a turning point.