Today’s “learning-style gnawing on the old” is rising

In recent years, with the epidemic and other disaster crises and the increasing number of college students and other factors, the pressure on employment has increased. Many graduates are facing the dilemma of “graduation is unemployment”. Therefore, in response to the current environment, many graduates Will choose postgraduate entrance examination or civil service examination.

The advantages of doing so are that, on the one hand, it can increase the value of academic qualifications, and on the other hand, it can also obtain an iron rice bowl. It not only avoids the complicated employment environment, but also has advantages in the future and can lead to a better life.

In fact, the problem of employment difficulties for college students is not new in recent years. Even before the epidemic, employment difficulties for college students are also a serious problem in society. The number of admissions for each position is small, so the competition is fierce. College students have no experience and are at a disadvantage in the recruitment process. This also makes many students unable to find jobs.

Many students choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination or the civil service entrance examination

For inexperienced college students, the competitive advantage is too low and the elimination rate is too high, which makes many college students choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination or find an iron job to take the civil service examination. Although it is a very good choice whether it is for the postgraduate entrance examination or the civil service examination, but Neither of these is an easy task.

In the case of civil servants in 2021, the competition rate of a popular job has reached 2000:1, which means that only one person will be left in 2000. Under the pressure of such fierce competition, only those with real strength will stand out, and some people with insufficient ability will be eliminated. Some of the eliminated people will choose to continue the postgraduate entrance examination or take the civil service entrance examination in order to escape reality.

The new “learning gnawing on the old” gradually mainstream

The traditional belief is that students should have a good job after graduation, but in the current society, many students choose to continue their studies or take the civil service examination. These choices are difficult to get ashore within a year. There are many students who have experienced World War II, World War II, and even World War IV.

Although it is a positive and positive thing, this behavior is very stressful for parents, because it takes a lot of energy to provide for a student to take a test.

In the army of ashore, some students are chasing their dreams, and many students are hitting a wall in the workplace, so they choose this kind of learning haven. As long as they study, they can just eat the old at home. It is precisely because of these various reasons that the number of candidates for postgraduate entrance examinations and civil service examinations has increased in the past two years. Although the Education Bureau has decided to expand the scope of postgraduate enrollment, the number of enrollment expansion is still far smaller than that of those taking the exam.

After choosing the postgraduate entrance examination or the civil service examination, most young people will not learn while working. They will study at home with all their attention, and they still rely on their parents financially. Outsiders ask what they are doing recently, that is to say, they are still studying after 3 to 4 years. This is very common among graduates born in the 90s.

Parents can’t do anything about it. After all, it’s for the children’s future, but one or two years is okay. Parents will feel uncomfortable if they don’t go ashore again and again. When will they be the first?

In fact, for those who have been repeating the postgraduate entrance examination for civil servants, they all know that they have not put all their thoughts on it, otherwise they will not re-examine again and again.

Reasons for the popularity of “learning gnawing on the old”

For the students, they don’t want to continue to take the review test like they do now, and then use this name to chew on the old. They are also very ashamed if they are not independent and don’t work, and provide themselves with their parents’ money. But the outside environment is more cruel, so I had to hide in a safe haven, and I could only study hard, hoping to go ashore, and then relieve the pressure on my parents.

Moreover, the current children are in a really very difficult situation. I have asked many students, they have no idea about the future and are very confused. The expectations of parents for their children are very high. If the scale of the company they join is not very good or the salary is low, the parents feel that they are not worthy of their children. For the children looking for a job, they would like to find a parent. There are very few things that can meet their own requirements. It is for this reason that continuing to study has become a legitimate way out.

How do students get on the shore the fastest

In fact, although the current employment environment is difficult, it is still possible to have a job for the current employment environment. It’s just that after graduating from university, some students may find ideal jobs. As a result, other students who can’t find a job will not be able to get the job done. They don’t want to do work that they think is a waste of talent, but the right job is not good enough. Did not admit himself.

For one thing, they feel that they have academic qualifications and abilities. They are not good at ordinary jobs, and good jobs are not in their turn. Therefore, for a long time, they will choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination or the civil service entrance examination. I couldn’t pass the test every time, my family was anxious, and I was anxious too.

There are many reasons why you can’t go ashore

I don’t have a firm grasp of the basic knowledge, and blindly pursue those difficult questions, so the loss of sesame is not worth the loss.

The problem of mentality is very important in the face of large-scale examinations. Some people will be very nervous during the exam. In the process of preparing for the exam, the failure of the first test can also be explained. Repeated failures twice and three times will be very stressful. Great, the mentality collapsed first. Therefore, we must have a right attitude. Whether it is for the postgraduate entrance examination or the civil service examination, the attitude is the most important.

If you choose, you must work hard, you must see this path clearly, don’t deceive yourself, and don’t blindly hide in the arms of your parents like a tortoise with your head, thinking that as long as you keep preparing for the exam, you can always cheat the old like this.