He only got 15 points in mathematics

He only got 15 points in mathematics

There is no denying that in the world, exams must be regarded as one of the most important and fairest levels in life. Some people call the “college entrance exam” the only activity in their lives that does not fight for fathers. The sentence actually seems to make sense.

He only got 15 points in mathematics

I believe everyone who has been in the society now knows that the college entrance examination and reading are definitely the most cost-effective thing in the world, and the success rate of copying is extremely high. Probably not one of them.

Every year in the college entrance examination, many college entrance examination champions are born. In 2009, there was a Harbin teenager named Wang Baiyang. He won the first place in Heilongjiang Science in 2009 with a terrifying score of 716 and was later by Beijing. University admission.

I believe that there are countless similar examples, and everyone must know that the college entrance examination may not be the only way out in life, but it must be regarded as the fairest and the most effective way. After all, the saying that a scholar is useless is definitely not believed.

But in history, there are always people who do not follow the conventional routines. There was once such a person. In 1929, he only scored 15 points in the mathematics test of the college entrance examination. Most people who want to go through the exam know what the concept of 15 points is. ? Even if all the multiple-choice questions are randomly selected, it is less than 15 points. In other words, the candidate’s knowledge of this subject is almost zero.

In 1929, Tsinghua University was not yet called Tsinghua University, its name was “National Tsinghua University”.

However, this candidate was finally admitted by the National Tsinghua University. He was Qian Zhongshu, or the president of Tsinghua University at the time, Mr. Luo Jialun, who said it himself. Why?

First of all, I need to be clear. The college entrance examination system at that time was different from now. To be precise, there was no such thing as liberal arts or science at that time. Although Qian Zhongshu only got 15 points in mathematics, his English and Chinese were both full marks. Moreover, in 1929, National Tsinghua University only admitted 174 males, but Qian Zhongshu was still ranked 57, which is enough to show how great his advantages in English and Mandarin are.

It is worth mentioning that Qian Zhongshu’s situation at the time caused a lot of controversy at National Tsinghua University. There were supporters and opponents. The situation could not be cleaned up for a while, and then Qian Zhongshu sent his own test papers. In the hands of the principal, Mr. Luo Jialun, Mr. Luo Jialun at the time, after reading Qian Zhongshu’s Chinese language, admired Qian Zhongshu’s talents one after another in his heart. Finally, Mr. Luo Jialun rejected all the arguments and insisted on admitting Qian Zhongshu.

Mr. Luo Jialun’s admission of a “partial college student” caused a great sensation at the time, but if Qian Zhongshu happened now, it would not be surprising, because the college entrance examination is now convenient for candidates. It can be said that there are more and more candidates. In 2009, there was a “shameless” candidate in Sichuan.

The candidate’s name is Huang Jiao, why is he shameless? He wrote an essay in oracle bone inscriptions on the Chinese test paper. Finally, the candidate was admitted to Sichuan University, which once again caused a “Qian Zhongshu” sensation.

However, there is one thing to say that even if Qian Zhongshu’s mathematics is indeed only 15 points, his total score completely exceeds the admission line of Tsinghua University. This is an untouchable fact.

It is like the current total score of 750 points in the college entrance examination. Suppose a candidate scores a perfect score of 300 in the essay comprehensive or scientific comprehensive comprehensive. Even if the other linguistics have just passed the passing line of 90 points, it is still at the level of the first line in most areas. Come, doesn’t this prove that Mr. Qian Zhongshu is really a genius?

Nowadays, many people use “Qian Zhongshu 15 points in mathematics” to avoid studying. It is definitely wrong to come here. There is a very simple truth: why are many prestigious schools now qualified to recommend Tsinghua and Peking University? To a certain extent, it means that these schools have become the touchstone of Tsinghua and Peking University. As long as they pass the prestigious school, it is equivalent to half-footed towards 985. This is now an indisputable fact.

It seems that many people still laughed at the former world’s richest man “Bill Gates” dropping out, but Mr. Gates was admitted to Harvard and then dropped out. Just the word “admitted”, Bill Gates’ starting point is 100% higher than that of the world. People of 99 are better.

Going back to the problem itself, most students don’t need to compare with Qian Zhongshu, but it is indeed a very important thing to attach importance to the college entrance examination. As the saying goes, “get one point and kill ten thousand people.” The success of the college entrance examination can be regarded as life. The success of this is certainly not a joke.