After the college entrance examination results are announced

After the college entrance examination results are announced

It’s been almost half a month since the college entrance examination. Starting today, all provinces are gradually releasing their test scores. Waiting for the results is even more nervous than during the college entrance examination. I think the students must be awake at night during this half month.

The word Gaokao has always been a hot topic of discussion in recent years. In recent years, more and more people attach importance to education. Parents are particularly important to students’ academic performance.

After the college entrance examination results are announced
Many people think that the high school entrance examination determines the path of future life. In fact, the road to success is not only learning this one, but it is undeniable that this is indeed a shortcut to success. Therefore, in the eyes of parents, the college entrance examination is greater than all.

You can’t do 3 things after you release the results, otherwise you will regret it, and people who come over will tell you the truth in tears.

After the college entrance examination, what the students are looking forward to is the announcement of the results. Today, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places began to announce the results. After the results are announced, it must be a few happy and sad. I hope that students who have failed in their test scores should not be discouraged at this time. Although they have not been admitted to the university of their choice, this does not mean that the chances of success in the future will be small. Then after the results are released, the students have 3 things. Don’t do it, be careful of stepping on thunder! So what are the 3 things?

Minefield 1. I have objections to the results of the college entrance examination and cannot bear to swallow.

After the college entrance examination is over, candidates will estimate their scores in advance, and they will probably have a clear idea of ​​which score line their scores are on. After the test results are released, if students feel that their estimated scores are very different from the results of the query, At this time, students don’t hesitate, let alone swallow your anger. Be sure to apply for the examination score review as soon as possible, and ask for batches of omissions. If you can get back one point, one point is one point, and one point may lose a playground. People, so after the results are released, if you have any objections, you must stop it.

Minefield 2. After the results are released, you can’t just post in the circle of friends

In today’s era, the Internet is very developed. When many students find their own results, they are excited to send their results to the circle of friends, so that everyone can feel the joy together.

However, some things can be posted and some things cannot be posted. Once your personal information is leaked and used by criminals, it will cause some financial losses and increase the possibility of being harassed. Therefore, after the results are released, the students’ The results query page, college entrance examination volunteers, and admission notices are not allowed to be posted casually. These are all the experience of people who have come here.