Six steps to apply for graduate students in the U.S.

Six steps to apply for graduate students in the U.S.

Is it easy for American graduate students to apply? How to do a good job of studying in the US for graduate students? Let’s take a look at the detailed steps of American graduate students with the editor of Yunxue Education Group.

Six steps to apply for graduate students in the U.S.
Step one for American graduate students: pay the placeholder fee

How can you let the school know that you are willing to go if you don’t pay a place fee? Generally, there will be a detailed seat fee amount and deadline for payment in the US graduate student study offer. Take a small notebook and write it down. Remember to submit the placeholder fee before the deadline to ensure your place in graduate school. The seat-occupying fee is used to occupy the seat, but the same amount of MONEY will be transferred to your tuition.

Step Two for American Graduate Students: Apply for I20

I20, to put it more complicatedly, is the [document issued by the school to certify that you are a student in the United States]. Simply put, it is actually your [US student ID]. It is the core document for applying for a U.S. visa, and it is also the only proof that you can stay in the U.S. legally, so it is very important.

So, how do you apply for graduate students in the United States? It may be in the online application interface, or it may be in a separate website sent by the school. We can find the application entrance in the email sent to you from the school’s international student office or the admissions office. After you find it, you only need to upload the core file: the certificate of deposit. Generally, if the deposit in the deposit certificate is not in your own name, it is recommended to fill in and upload the “certificate of financial assistance” according to the template provided by the school. With these two documents, you can easily “order” an I20.

It is important to note that the deposit figures of the deposit certificate should cover the tuition and living expenses of the school project. Such expenses will also be clearly indicated in the email by the school. It is usually in the range of 400,000-1 million. The certificate of deposit is to let the school rest assured that you have the financial ability to pay for the security of living in the United States, so the time period for issuing it should be: the time of school opening-the time of applying for I20. For example, if the school starts in September, we will apply for I20 when we get admission in April. Then we should issue a deposit certificate for 5 months. The expiration date of the deposit certificate is later than the school start time is not accepted by the school.

Step three for American graduate students: do a physical examination

There are two purposes of medical examination for American graduate students before studying abroad: physical examination (such as going to the hospital on weekdays) + vaccination. Because we do a medical examination for going abroad, we don’t need to go to the hospital. We only need to go to the [International Travel Health Care Center] in the capital city. Each city has a different name. You can find it by searching for it on Baidu, such as [Physical Examination for People Going Abroad in Sichuan]. An official institution, and you can make an appointment directly after entering the official website.

After the appointment is completed, you can go to the physical examination! During the physical examination, bring the necessary information required by the physical examination center, such as ID card, passport, cash, vaccine form given by the school, and so on. If you have a vaccination record before, bring it with you. Different schools have different vaccination requirements for students. Some states such as Maryland do not require school vaccination. We only do what the school health center requires (it will be notified by email). If there is a vaccination form, we need to download it. Take it with you when you go to the medical examination.

In the physical examination center, after a normal physical examination, you will get a “little red book”, which is a health examination certificate; after vaccination, you will get a “little yellow book”, which is an international certificate for vaccination or preventive measures. In addition, you will get a school vaccination form signed with your name and date, officially certifying that you have been vaccinated. Xiaohongben and Xiaohuangben are for the customs to see, while the school vaccination form is passed to the school for the school to see. Remember, you must upload the vaccine form in time, otherwise the school will not allow students to choose courses.

Step Four for American Graduate Students: Apply for a Visa

Once you get the paper I20 or the electronic I20, you can apply for a US visa. First fill out the DS160 form, which is the U.S. visa application form; then pay the U.S. visa fee of 160 dollars, which can be paid by Alipay; finally, look at the U.S. visa reservation seat and choose the appropriate time for the appointment. The entire process can be completed in half a day. Prepare your ID card, passport, I20, and resume as a reference for filling in the application form. Friendly reminder, every time you complete a step, take a screenshot/print/email to save the completed voucher.

After completing the visa application, you need to pay the national security fee at the national security fee website, and you can complete the payment after filling in the basic information. Similarly, we also screenshot/print/email to save the completed voucher.

On the day of visa arrival, prepare these vouchers, plus proof of enrollment (such as offer, I20, transcripts, degree certificates, language transcripts, etc.), financial proof (such as deposit certificates, car/house certificates, business licenses, etc.), Arrive at the embassy in advance and wait to meet the visa officer face to face. It should be noted that: passport, visa photo, I20, DS160 vouchers, appointment interview form, and national security fee receipt vouchers are necessary. The materials must be submitted to the window, and they must be originals. Other admission certificates and financial proofs are required to be submitted by the visa officer. If possible, try to bring the originals, or unconditional color-printed ones. After the face-to-face signing, wait for a period of time and you will receive a passport with a US visa! You can choose to pick it up at CITIC Bank or EMS home according to your own situation.

Step 5 for American graduate students: After completing the undergraduate course, send official transcripts by post

Most people apply in the first semester of their senior year, and the transcripts submitted are also the complete transcripts of the first three years of university, or they may not be submitted by the official, but only uploaded the electronic version of the color scan. Therefore, before enrolling, the school needs to see the official certificate that you have obtained the complete transcript of your degree for secondary certification. After all, no graduate school will admit applicants without a degree certificate.

For Lu Ben students, there are three ways to deal with it. First, let your school’s academic affairs office seal the transcripts and color copies of the degree certificate and mail them to the graduate school. Some schools, such as Cornell, strictly require that they cannot be sent by themselves, but can only be sent by undergraduate schools. Everyone needs to pay attention to the school’s requirements. Second, do score certification on, degree certification on, and then go to to translate. After completion, the certified transcript and degree will be sent from to the graduate school. Third, bring the sealed transcripts and the color-printed copies of the degree certificate with you to the United States, and submit them to the school when you participate in the orientation. Either way, everyone needs to pay attention to their own emails and operate according to the requirements of the school.

Step 6 of American graduate students: Participate in the orientation of the school

Whether it is online or offline orientation, referred to as the freshman introduction meeting, it is recommended that every student must participate. Some schools are stricter and even declare that students who have not participated in orientation cannot enroll. On orientation, you will quickly get all the information about the project, as well as information on campus activities or services, which is also a “first look” for you and the school.

In addition to orientation, you can also actively participate in a series of webinars issued by the school after admission, that is, online seminars, you can get to know the seniors and the project leaders in advance; if you have any questions, you can also take the opportunity of webinar to ask.