A person who is willing to be disturbed by you at any time is really rare

It’s nice to have someone to disturb

Have you ever had a moment like this?

Obviously there is a belly grievance to say, but the address book can not turn up a phone can easily dial out;

A person who is willing to be disturbed by you at any time is really rare

I have been in a bad mood all day, but when I pick up my parents’ phone, the first reply is always “How are you?”…

I don’t know since when, we seem to be more and more afraid of disturbing others.

Want to talk, but afraid of their own feelings in the eyes of others appear affectation, so simply pretend nothing;

I want to find someone to talk to, but I am afraid that I overestimate my position in the hearts of others, thus delaying their time, so I simply keep quiet.

Gradually understand, the original can disturb the relationship at any time, is the most people look forward to the existence.

Do not disturb, is the stubbornness of adults

Born is a lonely animal, especially after growing up, is accustomed to have their own taste of bitterness, tired to carry their own.

Convinced that there is no real empathy in the world, so simply give up the opportunity to express and talk.

During the day, people always look light and breezy, and no one knows how many times they break down during the night.

The night was the best camouflage for the pain. They whispered all their hearts into their 3am circle of friends, and then deleted them as the sun climbed the horizon, pretending that nothing had happened.

A new day, as if the years are quiet;And they, sensible enough to make people feel distressed.

I have seen such a story.

One young man posted a message at 6 p.m. It was a note that read “I’m fine” on the front and “Help me” upside down.

He told himself that if there were no thumb ups by 8pm, he would jump out of the window on the 17th floor.

Fortunately, more than 7 o ‘clock when a good friend appeared, also sent a message to greet him, has been enlightening him for 2 hours.

Perhaps the friend would never know that the circle of friends was a distress call from a man standing on the edge of a cliff, and that his response was the hand that pulled him back and carried him away from the abyss.

You see, even adults who cry out in desperation are wary of asking for help.

Do not disturb, became their last stubborn.

Too lonely, always eager to be able to draw a little warmth.

As Ma Dong put it:

“People who have a lot of bitterness in their hearts only need a little sweetness to fill them up.”

In the time of despair, if you can see a light, will be ignited in the heart of hope, and then full of strength to stand up again.

Perhaps in the face of suffering in order to maintain their own dignity, perhaps do not want to let their own sad disturb the peace of others, but really can not hold, do not forget to let yourself find a shoulder to rest.

After a short rest, the strength to stride forward.

A comfortable relationship will last

Life often keeps us busy in our own world, gradually reducing our contact with others.

In the past and friends weekend can often about hot pot, even a unhappy about the afternoon tea;Later, they are busy with work, and busy at home after work, not to mention the occasional dinner, even chat may have accidentally become reincarnation.

In the past, we talked about everything, but then we clicked on the familiar dialog box, only to find that the last chat had stopped at the short greeting half a month ago.

Want to say a long string of words, and delete one word after another, afraid of their enthusiasm for tomorrow’s “sorry, I just see”.

Our social relationships are like soap bubbles, which seem to be thick and colorful, but are actually easy to crack.

Gradually came to understand:

Don’t bother to maintain all the relationships, because the people who should go away will leave behind one day, you have no power to stop;The end of the relationship will one day be far away, you can not change.

What you need to care about is the ones who can’t let go of a quarrel, and who can’t let go of a cold war.

We have all heard the story of Zhuangzi and Hui Zi arguing about “Zi is not a fish”, but few of us know that they were originally good friends who loved each other and killed each other.

Chuang Tzu had a unique view of the natural world, advocating nature, and even sang songs when his wife died, which was almost ridiculous in others’ eyes but could be understood by Keiko.

Their arguments are numerous, but they never affect the friendship between the two, because of an unspeakable tacit understanding —

I may not agree with you, but I know what you’re talking about.

After Keiko’s death, zhuangzi had no rivals to debate with, no close friends to tell each other off, and even remained silent all day without even wanting to say anything more.

Archaism cloud:

“Where there is fellowship, there is separation;Intersecting with potential, potential to decant;The right to intersect, the right to abandon;To be joined in righteousness for ever and ever.”

Only when both of you take off the mask and dare to be who you really are, can you find the most comfortable mode in the relationship and make it a reality.

There is someone to disturb at any time

It’s a blessing

In the complex entertainment circle, there are always some friendship let a person envy.

Host Du Haitao and Wu Xin have been together for more than 10 years since their debut. Growing up together brings them a tacit understanding independent of love.

On the stage of the hit show “Sister Riding the Waves” a while ago, Haitao went to be a guest host. After standing on the stage, she immediately looked for Wu Xin in the crowd and encouraged wu Xin who was not confident backstage. As a result, she made herself cry first.

Isn’t this kind of immortal friendship what we admire?

When Wu Xin is in a bad mood, Haitao will stand by her side without any reason, and scold each other with her, because he knows that what she needs at that time is not reason, but 100 percent support.

In front of Wu Xin, Haitao will change from a man to a small crying bag. If there is anything unhappy, he will call Wu Xin and cry, even at 2 am.

And Wu Xin never feels that a late-night phone call is an interruption, or even go to the root of the question, just quietly listen to him vent his emotions.

What a one-in-a-million stroke of luck to have someone willing to answer your late-night phone calls.

Have heard this sentence:

“Love is the one who advises you to go to bed early, but love is the one who stays up late chatting with you.”

Perhaps because of your company, the long nights are not so hard, even the stars and the moon are cute.

He who gives you his time gives you his life and the whole world, and gives you the tacit approval to walk and dance about in his world.

Each sudden appearance of you is never an interruption to him, but an unexpected pleasure.

Between you get along, never adulterate interest dispute.We don’t ignore each other when nothing is happening, but we miss each other when something is happening.

All the intersection is because I miss you, that’s all.

See the beautiful marshmallow street, so I want to share with you;I heard some unpleasant news, so I want to tease you, that’s all.

Such a relationship, pure to make people move, but also good to make people grateful.

True friendships never make a noise. They don’t emerge in the heat of the moment, and they don’t leave when the curtain goes down.

The only certainty is that he has never been absent from your life since the day he arrived.

He’ll be the one who stands by your stage all the time, applauds you when you’re good, and gives you courage when you falter.

Hope there is always such a person, appear in your life, willing to be disturbed by you, also willing to disturb you.

Then with you, through the long years, against the cold wind and frost.

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