The death scene of the faculty interview

The death scene of the faculty interview

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the protection of teachers’ treatment. At the beginning of 2018, the “Opinions on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Construction of the New Era Teacher Team” was promulgated, proposing to improve the protection mechanism for the treatment of primary and secondary school teachers, and “ensure that the average salary level of primary and secondary school teachers is not lower than or higher than the average salary level of local civil servants.”

The death scene of the faculty interview

At the same time, the employment environment after the epidemic is not optimistic. College students who have just graduated need to compete for the same position as old drivers who have worked for several years. Most recent graduates are facing difficulties in finding jobs. The examination of teaching and learning resources has become the most difficult task in the new era. Excellent choice.

Under the above background, the competition for teaching-finance interviews is very fierce, and many candidates behave very nervously during the interview, and even made a lot of “jokes”. No, two days ago, the topic of “the death scene of the faculty interview” also rushed into hot searches.

On this topic, netizens are also talking about it, each with different ideas. Some people think that being a teacher has no future, but some people think that being a teacher is a very popular profession in today’s society.

Regarding the hot topics in teacher qualification interviews, I personally have a few ideas of my own.

First of all, from the perspective of HR, some candidates have a big misunderstanding when applying for the test, that is, they have no career planning, blindly follow the trend, and spend a lot of time and energy to do things that deviate from their personal career trajectory. I didn’t learn the professional stuff well, and I only learned a little bit about the foreign professional stuff.

In the career planning cases I have done, I have encountered some young people holding teacher qualification certificates, but in fact their interest is not to be teachers.

At that time, I was impressed by a young female teacher in her 20s who came to me for consultation. She said that she was not very comfortable with the job of teaching many students.

She felt panic when she was standing on the stage, and then she couldn’t do anything when the students were making noise.

I asked her why she chose to be a teacher back then? She replied that I applied for the exam with the trend, because many of my classmates chose to be teachers, so she took this career path.

I think that having a teacher qualification certificate is just a stepping stone, and does not mean that you can become a qualified teacher of the people. Teachers are a very sacred profession in the development of the country’s society. They can’t be done simply, and the people who do not have the enthusiasm for teaching and the ability to work will only make mistakes.

Secondly, the profession of teacher is quite promising.

For a country and a nation to achieve development, it must rely on education. Only when the quality of its citizens is high can there be a steady stream of talents.

This is also the fundamental reason why the state has paid so much attention to education for many years. The state advocates that the income of teachers should not be lower than the standard of civil servants. I think it is also very reasonable.

Of course, the future of teachers is not only reflected in their social status and income. If teachers can better meet the needs of social development in the teaching process, instead of using textbooks to train students into talents that the society really needs in the future, I think it is the greatest value of teachers.

In addition, from the perspective of life, it is also very happy that someone in a family is a teacher. Because teachers naturally have the advantages of winter and summer vacations, they can free up time to educate their children.

Perhaps we can see some clues from the changes in the blind date market.