The pupils have a big brain

The pupils have a big brain

“Holiday homework” is one of the things that worries elementary school students the most, but there are some assignments that make elementary school students enjoy it, that is, “imitating famous paintings.”

Every winter and summer school teachers will assign homework for elementary school students. Nowadays, with the gradual development of the Internet and technology, even the classrooms of elementary school students have become richer, and they often leave some special homework.

The pupils have a big brain
Some subject teachers will leave some homework such as hand-made or extracurricular practice, so that the students’ moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic skills can be developed in an all-round way. Now teachers also take great pains.

Some time ago, such a summer homework became popular on the Internet. “Imitating world famous paintings” has attracted the attention of many netizens. The idea of ​​this teacher is really unique and innovative.

Elementary school students imitated “world famous paintings” and amazed the class

An art teacher left an online assignment for the students, which is to “imitate famous paintings of the world” and want to cultivate the thinking and practical ability of primary school students, let them restore the “world famous paintings” through imitation, and let them give full play to their imagination. And creativity.

What people never expected is that the learning ability and imitating ability of elementary school students are very strong, far exceeding that of adults. They like to watch cartoons and imitate the characters in cartoons to speak vividly.

So after the homework was handed in, it became a topic of discussion among the parents in the class group. Parents couldn’t help but admire the pupils’ creative ability. The students also praised each other, and the funny imitation made everyone couldn’t help but laugh, and the teacher didn’t. Hold back.

The children’s imitations are harder than the other. Netizens say they are too talented. After the imitations were circulated on the Internet, netizens commented in the message area and forwarded them to the people around them to share. Judging from the many shared pictures, the styles are diverse and weird, and the styling temperament of the work is very tight.

To improve the observation ability of primary and middle school students, you need to do the following

Now the country is paying more and more attention to the education of elementary school students. Schools and teachers have also “braked their brains” in order to make the students’ moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic development all-round. So they thought that through imitation, the students’ observation ability could be impaired.

First of all, we must teach them the methods and skills of observation, while keeping students interested in observing things from all angles and all angles, and in the process of observation, the teacher should be on the side to guide, observe in order from easy to difficult.

The second is to allow students to develop reasonable imagination in the process of observation. Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Even writing essays will appear more vivid, as long as you have a bold imagination, many things can be changed, the impossible becomes possible, and the analysis of things can also start from multiple angles.

Finally, parents and teachers play games with students to improve observation skills, such as “finding differences” in children’s books, which is cultivated through pictures, provided that the parents speak well about the rules and the insight methods used after the game.


Improve imagination and creativity

Children at the age of elementary school students have a very rich inner world. The method adopted by this art teacher is very feasible and can improve the imagination and creativity of students.

Parents should not “contain” this precious wealth

This age is also when some fantastic ideas appear in their minds. Those ideas often make people laugh. Therefore, as parents, don’t “contain” their imagination in the cradle. This is a very valuable asset. wealth.

Brought joy to netizens

In addition to the teacher giving students such a meaningful summer vacation, this homework also brought joy to many people. After the “imitation” picture of the “brain-open” elementary school students came out, many netizens were amused, and everyone He also commented: The students seemed to inject soul into the famous paintings.

Let students develop ideas

This summer homework left by the teacher, students first thought it was a difficult homework to complete, but in the process of exploration, it invisibly expanded the students’ pioneering ideas and cultivated their ability to think and solve problems.

Improve students’ aesthetic ability

Through the “imitation” of famous paintings, students’ visual beauty and perceptual beauty of things can be imputed. These are all cultivated invisibly. Deliberate cultivation will have no obvious effect. While they are interested in art classes, they also let students Have an understanding of “beauty”.

Add color to students’ short childhood

The life of a student is “20 years as a day” learning. If childhood lacks fun and the company of parents, it will be a regrettable thing after growing up. This action of the teacher perfectly creates the students and parents The intimacy between the two, to complete this assignment together.

Write at the end

Nowadays, the primary school students’ brains are quite big, and their thinking ability is also very active. Because the incident of “imitating world famous paintings” by primary school students has become popular on the Internet, many parents have realized that the teachers in the school are not easy, except for normal teaching work. In addition, we must find ways to cultivate other abilities of students, which is worthy of admiration.

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