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Singapore East Asia School of Management’s study plan?

In the latest “Opinions on Accelerating and Expanding the Opening up of Education in the New Era” issued by the Ministry of Education, it has clarified the importance of overseas talents to the development of the country, has a supportive attitude towards studying abroad, and has also promulgated various favorable policies. The epidemic will pass, and international exchanges will definitely continue. The trend of globalization will not change. The value of studying abroad will not be devalued as a result. He has experienced the baptism of different cultures and languages, can look at problems from multiple angles, and possess the ability to think and think. People with innovative thinking must be better able to adapt to the development of the future society. The East Asia Institute of Management (East Asia Institute of Management) was originally founded in 1984. After more than 30 years of experience in teaching management, it has consistently adhered to the mission of “employment-oriented” and has become a well-deserved private higher education institute in Singapore. Leader. Every year, many students from home and abroad come to study. There are hundreds of Chinese students studying in Singapore East Asia School of Management every year.

Singapore East Asia School of Management's study plan?
As a private institution focusing on catering to the needs of students, Singapore East Asia School of Management has five campuses located in major areas of Singapore. Singapore East Asia Institute of Management is one of the few private institutions in Singapore that has its own independent campus. The main campus is located on Henderson Road, which is only two stops away from the city center, adjacent to the subway station and bus station, and the transportation is very convenient. The student restaurant offers a variety of economical Southeast Asian cuisines at reasonable prices. High-efficiency video conference facilities, hotel simulation practice centers, tennis courts and other indoor and outdoor sports venues, the college library has a large number of books and reference books, computers and high-speed network equipment for students to read and use throughout the campus, providing students with complete Learning support outside the classroom.

The courses of the East Asian School of Management in Singapore all adopt the C.A.T.S. Credit Accumulation and Transfer Program system that is in line with the QAA of the British Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency. It has been recognized by nearly 30 outstanding universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and has established close cooperation. Through extensive international cooperation and curriculum recognition, Singapore East Asia School of Management provides local and international students with fast internationally recognized undergraduate and master’s programs with high gold content.

Singapore East Asia School of Management has ETEDP Business English Course (CBE), Singapore Cambridge GCE “O” level preparatory courses, university preparatory courses, and undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including hotel and tourism management, business management, accounting and financial management , Logistics and supply chain management, information technology and management, scientific nursing and other majors. The school has signed internship agreements with many organizations, and is committed to integrating teaching practice, project topics and personal ability enhancement with industry needs and development as the core.

The two universities that Singapore East Asia School of Management and the United Kingdom cooperate with Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Metropolitan University) and Queen Margaret University (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh). Certification services are provided for all diplomas issued after May 2010.