Do you think domestic elites are "involving"

Do you think domestic elites are “involving”

A little brother who studies reinforcement learning in Australia has developed an AI self-learning wolf catching sheep game. The AI ​​rewards and punishment measures are set to reward 10 points for wolf catching sheep, and 1 point deducted for hitting obstacles, in order to let the wolf catch the sheep as soon as possible. , 0.1 points will be deducted every second.

Do you think domestic elites are "involving"

After 20w simulations, the final response of AI was to commit suicide directly at the beginning of the game. The wolf found that most of the cases could not catch the sheep, but also faced the negative benefits brought by hitting obstacles and the passage of time. Choose to directly get 0 points. Let’s make the final score less negative.

Us and wolves

However, the reality we face is that we are not the only wolves. We can easily see examples of people crossing a single-plank bridge in our lives. For example, the number of applicants for the college entrance examination in Henan this year is 125w. Sheep, we have to eliminate the wolves around.

Before, there was a voice saying that hard work can make you rich, but it is actually inaccurate. Hard work may be one of the high probability conditions for getting rich. We can enrich ourselves through hard work, but it is not necessarily successful.

In the first year, everyone was studying at school. Those who attended the cram school on weekends were admitted to Qingbei. In the second year, everyone was admitted to the cram school. In the evening, everyone who asked for tutors was admitted to Qingbei. In the third year, everyone learned every day. For 24 hours, Qingbei still has a fixed number of students. Everyone is working harder and harder, but the harvest has not increased.

What’s more, like the sheep catching game, our costs continue to increase over time, but we cannot simulate 20w times to predict the results of our choices. We are with wolves, pressure and sheep.

Lay flatism

Rather than wasting time and getting a negative score at the end, it is better to commit suicide with zero points at the beginning of the game. It may be the status quo of some young people now. I remember a cross talk said that I worked diligently and conscientiously. From the beginning of nothing to the current debt, I am still happy in the face of today’s life. Why? Because I can’t help it.

Don’t resist, just let the flow go, and be prepared for what will happen in the future.

But in fact, most people who lie flat in society can only choose to lie flat with the support behind them. The charter wife of several suites in the family can do nothing every day, and his father drove a large factory and had a stable income to take care of himself and could enjoy life immediately. However, such people are rare.

Relative to giving up directly, I prefer to advocate positive lay-flatism. People have choices when facing their lives. Active lay-flatism may help them calm their minds and avoid doing meaningless things every day. Dream of getting rich, recognize your current strength positioning and development goals, and live a solid life.

According to the environment, choosing the right road without blindly following comparison is the best solution.

Decide where to lie

But there are shortcuts to some things. Just like the internal scrolls of high-quality domestic talents, some people give up the college entrance examination and choose to go abroad. In fact, it is a good choice.

Last year, a student from Taiwan, when his father contacted us, he talked about his big business and he can let his child inherit the family business for the rest of his life. But he wants to let his child go abroad while he still has the time to go. A community college, simply look at the outside world.

Fortunately, the final result is very good. The student got the offer from the University of Pittsburgh. What persuaded his father was only one idea. The vision and friendship opportunities that community colleges can broaden are completely different from those of high-end colleges, even if they can live completely in the future. When lying flat, where to lie is also a matter of choice.

Studying abroad is not difficult for today’s era, but the difficulty is to take the first step in understanding. Whether it’s the end of the college entrance examination or university graduation, based on your current strengths, choose a foreign school that you can reach with a little effort, master a foreign language skill, and if you struggle to the end in the future, you can give yourself a better background. In the future, if you live a healthy and plain life and gain more knowledge, the quality of life will be improved by yourself. It is always beneficial.

Life is like moving forward under a heavy load. Don’t be impatient. Choosing the right path will benefit the rest of your life for dozens of years.