German undergraduate application path

German undergraduate application path

Education in Germany is mainly divided into two forms: public and private universities. The German government has given great support and encouragement to education policies, and has also invested a lot of funds to build a more complete education system. Students who want to apply for study in Germany can rest assured If you want to apply for the colleges and majors you want to choose, you must also choose the majors according to your own study and hobbies. There are also many colleges and universities in Germany, and there are many categories. You can determine the German colleges you want to apply for from the majors you choose The type can also be determined by referring to the future employment situation.

German undergraduate application path
How to apply for studying in Germany

1. After completing 1-3 semesters at a domestic university, apply for a German undergraduate

One semester of courses in domestic key universities is sufficient; ordinary universities need to complete three semesters of courses;

Test scores above 16 (full score 20);

Pass the German test (TeatAS), or go to Beijing for an APS audit interview;

After getting the audit certificate, apply for German schools and majors.

The first approach takes a long time. If you want to arrive in Germany as soon as possible, preparatory courses will be a better choice.

2. One year of German preparatory course, then apply for German undergraduate

The college entrance examination reaches the undergraduate level;

Participate in the Chinese preparatory selection examination in July;

Enter the preparatory course in October;

Apply for a German university undergraduate in June of the second year.

Application time for studying in Germany

The time to apply for admission to Germany is divided into two parts. One is the start of school in October, which is what German universities call the winter semester; the other is the start of school in April, which is what German universities call the summer semester. Most majors in German universities start in October, and only a few majors start in April.

German universities start late (in other countries generally start in August or September, and German universities start in October), so the application deadline is generally relatively late. Most of the universities enrolled in the winter semester next year are in April next year- The application deadline is July, and the online application is generally open early next year. Institutions enrolled in the summer semester next year generally apply directly from October this year to January next year.

However, the application for studying in Germany needs to be prepared six months to one year in advance. In addition to the preparation of papers and materials and the improvement of background, it takes a certain time. The APS review required for applying for studying in Germany usually takes 3-4 months. To apply for most German universities, you need to submit an APS audit certificate at the time of application.