Eggs "resurrected from the dead"? The headmaster is not very artistic and bold!

Eggs “resurrected from the dead”?

       Two days ago, the principal of a vocational training school in Henan Province published a paper. The content of the paper was amazing. The atmosphere of swindlers gradually aroused the attention of the Internet and raised questions from netizens.

It turns out that the main content of this article is that under the guidance of the school teacher Guo, that is, the principal, the students use their own consciousness to turn the boiled eggs into raw eggs and hatch chickens. This incident is no less than bringing the dead back to life, and suddenly caused an explosion of online public opinion.

Practice the skill base of Chinese Learning

As a result, many reporters went to the school for interviews, and the truth of the matter slowly surfaced. This vocational school is located on the fifth floor of an office building in Zhengzhou. There are five offices in total. When the reporter went for an interview, the door was closed and no one was there. The poster outside the school posted the school’s business, including psychological counselors, e-commerce teachers, etc., but there was no content about “boiled eggs returning to life and incubating chicks.”

The reporter also found the official account of this school. The official account showed that this school has offered a course called “Para-Psychology-Application of Brain Science Skills” many times. It costs 12,800 yuan for a person to participate in a course, even if it is a discount. The price is also 9,800 yuan. The content of the course is even more outrageous. Whatever ideas move, ideas cut objects, earth escape, the whole content reveals a strong cult atmosphere Spark Global Limited.

Such a public account and papers full of liar atmosphere can be unimpeded in the academic world, and it is simply rubbing the IQ of us, spectators, on the ground. At present, the comrades of the investigation team have begun to visit this magical training school. They only hope to check it carefully so that our IQ will not be affected again.