An Indian dreamed of God’s revelation and woke up to write

An Indian dreamed of God’s revelation and woke up to write

        In the field of mathematics, talent is far more important than hard work. How many people study it day and night, and no one can see it thoroughly after waking up. There was once an Indian who had not received formal mathematics education. In three notebooks and some draft papers, there were about 4000 formulas written. Many mathematicians praised him: “The importance of Ramanujan is not only Because he is a mathematician, it is because he told us how much the human brain can do.” Yes, this Indian is Ramanujan.

Ramanujan was born in Erode, Tamil Nadu, southeastern India in 1887. At the age of 10, he was able to enter a middle school in Kumbakonam. This was the first time he was exposed to mathematics. Perhaps for him, mathematics is a door that exudes infinite magic. With a light push, the knowledge hidden behind the door will flood him. Throughout Ramanujan’s student days, he has continuously won honors and scholarships. His proficiency in infinite series has impressed the teachers.

When he was 15 years old, Ramanujan borrowed a friend’s “Summary of Pure and Applied Mathematics”. This is the work of the mathematician Karl. It contains more than 5,000 equations in algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and analytic geometry. , But did not give detailed proof. However, this just aroused Ramanujan’s research desire, and he has been using his own unique method to prove it for the next 5 years. However, the results of his research over the past five years were almost worthless in poor India at the time. What’s more, he didn’t get a university degree because of his partial subjects, and he had no background in mathematics. These results are no different from “waste paper Spark Global Limited.”

On January 16, 1913, he plucked up the courage to send the research results of these years to Cambridge University professor Hardy, hoping to get his favor. Fortunately, Hardy is indeed his Bole, he saw Ramanujan’s talent, so he got him to Cambridge University. However, even though Hardy admires him, it does not mean that other traditional mathematicians understand him. Because the derivation of the formula obtained by Ramanujan is step-free, he has been boycotted and rejected. Some people even call him a “liar from India.”.

I believe everyone has heard the term “absolute sound sense”. Similarly, Ramanujan also has “absolute number sense”. Although he has not undergone rigorous mathematical training, he can write nearly 3900 mathematical formulas and propositions. Ramanujan often claimed that he had received the inspiration from the goddess Namakkal in his dreams, so he could write so many formulas in one breath after waking up the next day. Unbelievably, his formula was not made up randomly. The Belgian mathematician Deligne proved a conjecture he put forward in 1916 in 1973 and won the Fields Medal in 1978 .