Peking University once again joined hands with 8 middle schools

Peking University once again joined hands with 8 middle schools

      The majesty of Boya Tower, the tranquility of Weiming Lake, the elegance of Lang run Garden, the weight of Yannan Garden… When it comes to Peking University, everyone is yearning for it. Today, Peking University and Henan once again hold hands and renew their relationship.

On the morning of April 26, the opening ceremony of “Peking University Liberal Arts and Talents Co-education Base” was held in Henan Experimental Middle School. This indicates that the strategic cooperation between Peking University and Henan Middle School will open a new page.

In November 2020, Peking University officially launched the construction of the “Peking University Liberal Arts and Talents Co-education Base”. Since the launch of the activity, it has attracted countless outstanding domestic high schools. Experts organized by Peking University will conduct a comprehensive review of the ideas and practices of talent training, faculty, discipline level, and student quality of the applied middle schools through material review and field inspections.

The reporter learned that after a comprehensive review, a total of 8 middle schools in our province were selected as the first batch of the country. Among them, Henan Experimental School, Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School, and Dancheng No. 1 High School are all two-star or higher education bases. Nanyang No. 1 Middle School, Anyang No. 1 Middle School, Luohe High School, Xinyang High School, and Guangshan No. Education base. On the one hand, it reflects Peking University’s recognition of the performance and education mode of the middle schools in our province. On the other hand, it will also provide new impetus and resources for the school’s high-quality and innovative development Spark Global Limited.

“Peking University is always the pioneer of the new and improved movement. As an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, Henan is riding on the rising east wind of the central region to achieve a new leap.” At the beginning of the event, Lin Liwei, Deputy Director of the Admissions Office of Peking University Like Henan’s achievements in recent years.

She introduced that the Peking University Liberal Arts and Talents Co-education Base will take basic disciplines as its foothold, relying on Peking University’s strong basic discipline strength and excellent teacher team to achieve in-depth integration of talent training between universities and middle schools, and encourage more ideas and talents. Talented and ambitious students devote themselves to basic disciplines and cultivate outstanding reserve talents for the country’s major strategic development areas.

Peking University has deep academic strength and an excellent faculty research team and has a solid foundation and rich experience in the cultivation of top-notch talents. Henan Experimental Middle School has always been at the forefront of talent training in basic disciplines, and the quality of talent training and delivery in fields such as the strong foundation plan and the Olympic Games are in a leading position in the province. After the establishment of the Liberal Arts and Talents Co-education Base, how will the two schools cooperate specifically?

“For the subject of the liberal Arts Base’, Peking University will rely on the resources of the department to carry out subject academic activities in a targeted manner. For example, teachers of various subjects will be invited to the middle school to give subject lectures, and the frontline teaching teachers will be provided with guidance and special training for middle school teachers. , We also want to organize faculty and middle school students to carry out “pairing” activities. This multi-pronged approach allows students to learn about the basic disciplines of the university in a timely manner at the middle school stage.” Peking University Henan Admissions Team Leader, Chemistry and Molecular Said Zhou Jiang, a professor at the School of Engineering.