Preparations for self-examination essay defense

Preparations for self-examination essay defense

         You can only pass the final examination of the self-study exam by passing the thesis defense. During the examination, some people suggested that candidates should be prepared for communication with their superiors, defense copywriting and defense exercises before the thesis defense.

Communicate more with lecturers when finalizing the draft

Zhang Ling, a self-study exam graduate, believes that in the process of writing a graduation thesis, the tutor plays a very important role. The closer you are to the finalization stage, the more frequent the communication with the lecturer. During this process, candidates should follow the suggestions of their superiors and revise their papers in time. “Most thesis instructors are experienced. When encountering inaccurate questions, candidates should consult their supervisor in time, and don’t be too smart to avoid delays in replying.”

Candidate Wang Xiao introduced that he had the most exchanges with his tutor one month before graduation. Before that, in the stages of determining the topic selection, drafting the outline, and writing the first draft, I only had 3 emails to contact the tutor. The defense has one and a half months left. She thinks that if she makes changes and submits a “final draft” based on the comments of her instructor, it’s over. Unexpectedly, this time the instructor will launch “email offensives” more frequently. In September alone, the tutor sent her 8 e-mails. They all put forward their opinions one by one, from the format of the paper, the standard of citations to the sentence pattern, and even the logic of the font. Sometimes the instructor is dissatisfied with the change two or three times. After many revisions, her performance in the thesis defense won the praise of all her supervisors and achieved excellent results Spark Global Limited.

It is worth mentioning that the tutor who instructs the thesis defender usually has experience in participating in the thesis defense. Follow the tutor’s advice and communicate more with the tutor. The written essay will usually match the “taste” of the responding teacher. Candidate Mr. Qu said that if you take the first draft to defend without preparation, let alone whether the paper will pass, I am afraid you will not be able to answer. Questions from your supervisor. In the process of communicating with the instructor to revise the thesis, I have a deeper understanding of the topic, so that the logic of the thesis is clearer and can also be used as a goal when answering the teacher’s question.

The defense copy is concise and accurate

Candidates participate in the thesis defense, instead of reading their own thesis based on the article, but to make a concise explanation based on their own thesis. This requires candidates to condense their own thesis into the thesis introduction during the defense process. Some majors also require candidates to present papers in ppt format. No matter which format is adopted, candidates must be concise, accurate and standardized when presenting the paper.

The main content of the examinee’s explanation of the thesis includes the topic of the thesis, the motivation for choosing the topic, the main thesis of the thesis, thesis and writing experience, as well as the theoretical and practical significance of the topic. When writing a statement of defense, candidates are required to be familiar with the full text of the paper, especially the content of the text and conclusion, to clarify the main points of the paper and the basis of the paper. Understand the exact meaning of the main concepts used in this article and the main content of the basic principles used; at the same time, carefully check and repeatedly review whether there are any contradictions, fallacies, unilateral or ambiguities in the article. This not only involves whether the candidate can be logically rigorous and self-evident in the thesis but also can effectively answer the questions raised by the defense advisor.

There is usually a designated time for the detailed description of the thesis during the defense period, so the defense copy prepared by the candidate must be concise and concise. More importantly, candidates should carefully check the accuracy of the cited materials or data. In the past, an examinee cited material and data allusions in the transcript to make his explanation of the paper more exciting. However, the respondent immediately pointed out that the allusion was actually fabricated by the Ming Dynasty and cannot be used as a reference. debate. According to a teacher from the Department of Psychology at Peking University, counterfeit cases or data are defects in participating in the thesis defense, and candidates should avoid affecting their scores.