Application Guide for Denmark's Top Universities

Application Guide for Denmark’s Top Universities

        There is a certain process for submitting an application for studying in Denmark. Only by strictly abiding by the process and submitting the materials on time can you be admitted successfully. Let’s take a look at how to apply for a top university in Denmark and the application process with the editor!

1. Submit the application

You must first confirm your identity as an international student, prepare for school and professional applications, you need to collect and organize your own application materials as required. The list of materials can be found on the school’s official website. Some materials will take a long time to prepare. Start early.

After confirming that you have prepared all the materials, you can submit the application. You must submit the online application form first, and then mail your paper materials. Be sure to wrap the materials and track the logistics information in real-time Spark Global Limited.

Second, apply for a visa

After you get the offer, you can submit your visa application. You need to make a timely appointment on the official website of the embassy first, and then go to the embassy to submit materials. Some students may need to participate in interviews. Don’t worry about the problem.

While waiting for the offer, you can start preparing the materials, most of which are ready-made. The focus of preparation is the bank certificate of the deposit and your medical report. You need to check the time. They generally only have a one-month validity period.

Three, prepare to enter

Before entering the mirror, you need to organize your application materials and determine your accommodation. It is best to contact the person who will pick you up. This will prevent you from wasting time, going the wrong way, and being deceived by others. Spending a little money can ensure safety.

4. Enrollment

After arriving at the school, you need to apply for admission in time, you need to show your identity certificate if you have not completed the online tuition payment, you also need to pay on-site, the school will register the information and make a student ID.

Five, apply for the residence permit

And everyone needs to exchange for their residence card as soon as possible so that they can stay in Denmark legally. You need to bring your passport, visa and student ID, go to the nearest commune, and receive a population number while waiting for the issuance of the certificate.

Sixth, apply for a tax card

If you are going to work, you also need to apply for a tax card, because all wages are taxed before they are considered legitimate income, but when you return to your country, you can apply for a tax refund.