free! free! Here are the skills you want to learn!

free! free! Here are the skills you want to learn!

     “The country has such a good policy. I am now re-employed, which has improved my life value.” Student Lu Yuanyuan said happily. Since the beginning of this year, the Hanchuan Municipal Public Employment and Human Resources Service Bureau has cooperated with many local training institutions to carry out nearly 30 skill trainings to provide guarantee for the people to achieve local employment. In the first training course for nurses at Chubang Vocational Training School, nearly 30 trainees are learning about infant care. From theoretical knowledge to practical operation, the trainer spoke carefully, and the students listened carefully.

Lu Yuanyuan used to work outside, far from home, and his salary is not high. The elderly and children in the family can’t take care of them. This time he participated in the training, and he was able to work smoothly near his home.

In addition to the training of childcare workers, training programs such as accounting and chefs are all characteristic programs of Chubang Vocational School Spark Global Limited.

The Hanchuan Municipal Public Employment and Talent Service Bureau gives full play to the advantages of various vocational schools and various training institutions and forms a vocational skills training system covering urban and rural workers based on various private training institutions. Various training institutions strengthen the monitoring and management of personnel and training venues. At the same time, while meeting the needs of popular training programs such as forklifts, chefs, and housekeeping, they will also focus on new vocational training.

Baichuan Vocational and Technical Training School is a newly opened training school in Hanchuan, which is mainly engaged in training projects such as property managers. As a new training project, the property manager training has received good results from the very beginning.

“We are free, and the training fee is subsidized by the state. We just want to provide a new platform for those who want to start a new career,” said Wei Baichuan, general manager of Hanchuan Baichuan Vocational and Technical Training School.

Vocational training improves skills, stabilizes employment, and protects people’s livelihood. Hanchuan continues to expand the breadth of training and enrich training programs so that more workers can better benefit from the vocational skill improvement actions.