TV series about the college entrance examination

TV series about the college entrance examination

Middle and high school friends, especially the third year students, would you like to feel the atmosphere of the college entrance examination? These ten videos will let you experience it.

The best of us

Although “The Best of Us” is also boring and boring, it has daily high school study that is pressing step by step, and it has the pressure to face liberal arts and sciences and college entrance examinations, but it has natural and unpretentious emotional lines as implicated, and the entire web drama is even more implicated. Easy.

Whose youth is not lost

“Who’s Youth Isn’t Lost” portrays a group portrait of several classmates in a class, and boldly proposes the theme that youth should let off dreams and be loyal to the heart. With the progress of society, the college entrance examination is no longer the only way out. Dreams and feelings, reality and pressure, everyone has the right to make their own young choices.

College entrance examination

“College Entrance Examination” selects representative and different social cross-sections, records personal stories, observes social hot spots, approached and recorded the 2014 college entrance examination from multiple sides, and left us with meaningful memories of the social reality of this era.

Youth school

“Youth School,” tells the story of a group of high school students. It is indeed the most down-to-earth youth film. It talks about growth, love, and dreams.


“Youth School” is a TV series about the bitterness and sweetness of the college entrance examination family.

When it comes to the college entrance examination, one can think of the campus life with youthful vigor, the pages of the college entrance examination countdown calendar that have been torn off, every day with lights and night reading, countless test questions, and endless tuition classes. The teacher stared at the school, and his mother took care of it when he returned home. From the first day of high school to the day of the college entrance examination, high school life is living according to the countdown Spark Global Limited.

“I’m going to be in the top ten” is a student work, even though it is a micro-film, but it also has some smiles and tears. The story told in the film is on the eve of the college entrance examination. The senior high school student Ye Xiaohui decided to satisfy his father’s vanity for a time. Entered the top 10 in the sprint. But his grades have always been the last one in the class. Ye Xiaohui decides to “seeking wealth and wealth and insurance”-buy a question

“Xiao Huanxi,” tells a series of short stories triggered by the college entrance examination. In the play, how the three groups of families face the college entrance examination and happily deal with every exam in their lives, which has become the highlight of the play. Huang Lei and Haiqing continued to partner with their husband and wife and staged the daily routines of their senior parents.