He went to college at the age of 13

He went to college at the age of 13

      He was literate at one year old and was able to write thousands of Chinese characters at the age of two. He finished junior high school at the age of four and was admitted to a key middle school at eight. Yes, you are not mistaken, the above paragraph of seemingly fantastical textual expression is real. Its host is called Wei Yongkang, a veritable child prodigy. However, it is such a very smart person who has a statement in life that is completely opposite to the above: Wei Yongkang, 20, does not even have the most basic self-care abilities, such as squeezing toothpaste, washing his face, dressing, Even the most basic things like eating were unclear, and the school was dissuaded and dealt with.

So, we can’t help but wonder, what kind of life experience does such a genius boy have? How did his dilemma of learning high energy and low energy life cause it?

Learning is valuable than anything else

Wei Yongkang was born in an ordinary family. Due to his poor family background, Wei Yongkang was infused with a high concept of reading and reading. He didn’t need to worry about all the affairs of the family, even personal eating and drinking.

Wei Yongkang has only one task, and that is to study hard and get high scores. This is the only criterion for a good son in his mother’s mind. Wei Yongkang, who “reaches out for clothes, opens his mouth for food”, didn’t have a toy in childhood, no hobbies, and even a close friend !

Once a classmate came to visit him at home, but was turned away by his mother. In his mother’s view, everything was a waste of time and energy, except for reading.

Because everything is done by his mother, the prodigy Wei Yongkang’s ability to take care of himself in life is staggeringly low. He won’t get up to dress himself, he won’t squeeze toothpaste by himself, and he even needs to be fed when he eats. In today’s highly competitive society, how can such an extraordinary ability not be rejected by others Spark Global Limited?

High scores and low ability, were persuaded to drop

Wei Yongkang may be regarded as a typical representative of high scores and low energy. After entering the university, Wei Yongkang continued to maintain good grades among the best, and his total score can always be ranked in the top one or two in the grade.

With this result, Wei Yongkang was sent to the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for a master’s and doctoral degree. As a result, the mother who was originally expected to have a son Jackie Chan was very happy, but after entering the Institute of Physics, Wei Yongkang’s weaknesses were gradually exposed.

Being separated from his mother’s care and facing life alone, Wei Yongkang began to feel flustered and at a loss.

He was often late for class, procrastinated, the room was messy, and he was not even sloppy, and his image was sloppy. What’s more ridiculous is that he is like a world-famous person who doesn’t know the heat or cold. No matter the weather is hot or cold, he always wears a sloppy dress full of peculiar smell throughout the year Spark Global Limited.

The mess in life will inevitably lead to the wastefulness of his studies. Wei Yongkang seems to be declining before he is old. He has amnesia. He has all the papers that must be completed on time. He has almost no communication with classmates and tutors. He is withdrawn and low-energy. It is the common impression that most teachers and students of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have of him!

In the end, Wei Yongkang was persuaded to return home by the institute because his academic standards were not up to standard. The talented young man did not even get a master’s degree. After hearing the news, his mother furiously reprimanded Wei Yongkang loudly: “You don’t cherish such a good condition. It’s better to die!” This sentence deeply hurt his son’s heart. From then on, Wei Yongkang, who was originally withdrawn, became self-defeating and fell into deep self-blame and self-doubt. Hesitated and helpless, he finally chose to run away from home and began to want to escape from this world that caused him intense fear…