Tuition fees in many universities have risen

Tuition fees in many universities have risen

     There is still more than a month to go before the college entrance examination in 2021. The students in the third year of high school are all working hard and doing the final sprint. The college entrance examination is an important turning point in life, and it is also an opportunity for their own life. All students are working hard and will not give up until the last moment! But at this time, the students should have their ideal colleges and universities in their minds, and have their own directions for learning, and in the last time they are constantly working hard to pass the exams. school!

But at this time, many places are sending out some “bad news” about senior middle school students, let us all take a look!

The Ministry of Education issued a new notice that tuition fees in many places will rise

Previously, many places announced that due to the increase in prices of schools in some places, many colleges and universities have also increased their tuition fees!

The Shandong Provincial Department of Education issued a notice: The tuition fees of some undergraduate colleges and universities in the province have been adjusted . The overall range is 8000/year for art majors, 5400/year for medical majors, 4600/year for literature and history majors, and 5000/year for science and engineering majors . Rose a lot

Liaoning Province has also made preliminary adjustments to the tuition fees of colleges and universities. The majors of science , engineering and agriculture are adjusted to 5,200 per year, 4,800 per year for literature and history, 5,800 per year for medical majors, and the professional tuition for art is between 10,000 and 14,000. The rate of increase is still relatively large!

Henan Province has also increased the tuition fees of undergraduate colleges and universities in the province. The tuition fees for science and engineering majors are 5000/year, liberal arts majors are 8000/year, medical majors are 5500/year, and arts are 8000/year. The overall increase Around 10%! University tuition fees have increased, but for training a college student, it’s not just that much money. There are also children’s living expenses and other expenses. In addition to the tuition fees, a child needs at least 20,000 yuan a year. , For an ordinary family, it is also a big expenditure!

But the current trend of the times is that reading will give children a better future in the future. Therefore, many parents are willing to support their children in college regardless of the amount of money. Therefore, children should study harder and use their own Repay your parents for your excellent results!

As the college entrance examination is approaching, how should high school students sprint into their ideal colleges?

The current social employment pressure is relatively high, but a good university still has better competitiveness for students, and it will be more helpful for future job hunting. The sprint in the final period is also very important Spark Global Limited!

Back to the textbook

In the end, it is time to consolidate your foundation. If you are not willing to do the questions at this time, then open your textbook and go through the classic examples in the book. Many of the original exam questions are in the textbook. The question is deformed, and at the last time, I must consolidate my basic knowledge!