Su Cheng foreign language Fang zhouying

Su Cheng foreign language Fang zhouying

On April 18, the spring school selection tour of sina & Weibo 2021 international school, CO sponsored by Sina education, Weibo education and blog education, was successfully held at Hilton Suzhou Hotel, helping thousands of families solve the problem of school selection.

Su Cheng foreign language Fang zhouying

On the day of the exhibition, a large number of high-quality international schools in Suzhou and its surrounding areas made a collective appearance. The admissions officers introduced the characteristics of the school and answered the parents’ questions on the spot. 13 education celebrities and famous school principals shared the “private goods” and educational ideas all day long.


Fang zhouying, director of the International Project Learning Department of Sucheng foreign language school, delivered a speech at the exhibition with the theme of “providing students with the most suitable education tailored”. She believed that every child has a unique charm, and the school should be committed to laying a suitable education road for them. The development strategy of 345 boutique schools is to take language education, CAS activities, kindergarten and primary school connection, growth planning and guidance as the three carriages, take education mission, education belief, training goal and development vision as the four symbols, and take teachers, curriculum, culture, activities and security as the five elements.


Secondly, Fang zhouying said that the school’s curriculum should meet the five international mainstream courses: IB and DP courses; IGCSE courses; a level courses and IFD courses. From the beginning of enrollment, language files, academic achievement files and CAS files will be established, and tutors will be equipped to track them one-on-one to help every student to rush to the top 30 famous schools.


She stressed that a student’s talent cultivation and character cultivation can not be separated from gradient and sequential activities. CAS activity courses cover four stages of primary and secondary schools. Students can participate in CAS activities in the form of elective courses, clubs and competitions based on their personal interests and career planning. They are mainly divided into three categories: Art and technological innovation, competitive sports and healthy life, and community service and self-identity. Fang zhouying hopes that family and school work together to plan the growth path for children and choose the most suitable education for them.


The following is a transcript of Fang zhouying’s speech:


Fang zhouying: dear parents and friends, Hello, my Sucheng foreign language school, which is the teaching director and DP project coordinator of the middle school international project of Suzhou foreign language school Xiangcheng campus. Today, I share with you the theme of providing tailor-made and most suitable education for every student outside Sucheng.


My sharing will be divided into these four parts: the origin of the school, the introduction of the school, the curriculum, and the entrance consultation.


Suzhou Guanghua group was founded in 1999 and formally established investment in education as the main direction of the group in 2015. In order to let more children enjoy the best teaching resources of Suzhou foreign language school, in June 2017, the group decided to introduce IB curriculum, which is known as the world’s recognized leader in education, to fill the gap that there is no IB curriculum outside the Soviet Union, so our school Sucheng foreign language school is also the best Xiangcheng campus of Suzhou foreign language school was founded in this context.


Our school was founded in September 2017 with an investment of 850 million yuan from Suzhou Guanghua group. Our school is located at the intersection of Yucheng road and Jinzhuan road in Xiangcheng District, covering an area of 100000 square meters and a construction area of 137000 square meters. Our school has a very superior transportation location, less than 10 minutes’ drive from Yaoxiang station and Suzhou north station of Metro Line 4. Our school has a morning education center and a kindergarten Kindergarten, junior high school, international senior high school, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and international senior high school are all 15 year international schools.