Yan Luxia, Canada Education Group

Yan Luxia, Canada Education Group

On April 18, the spring school selection tour of sina & Weibo 2021 international school, CO sponsored by Sina education, Weibo education and blog education, was successfully held at Hilton Suzhou Hotel, helping thousands of families solve the problem of school selection.

Yan Luxia, Canada Education Group

On the day of the exhibition, a large number of high-quality international schools in Suzhou and its surrounding areas made a collective appearance. The admissions officers introduced the characteristics of the school and answered the parents’ questions on the spot. 13 education celebrities and famous school principals shared the “private goods” and educational ideas all day long.


Yan Luxia, President and academic director of Canada Education Group, delivered a speech at the exhibition, with the theme of “how the schools that cultivate Harvard students implement international education”. In her speech, she first mentioned that learning IB course can bring students bilingual diploma, the cultivation of critical thinking and other aspects, help students learn actively and internally, and point out that IB is the core of international education Global curriculum emphasizes the core concept of balanced development and concept driven. She points out that the best gift parents can give their children is education. Parents and schools should protect children’s initiative and bring them happiness and security.


(Yan Luxia, President and academic director of Canada Education Group)


The following is a speech by Yan Luxia, President and academic director of Canada Education Group:


Good morning, everyone. I’m the principal of Kunshan Canada International School. My name is Yan Luxia. My student’s name is Miss Lucy. Today I’d like to share four items with you. I’ll try my best to be brief. I know you are hungry. First of all, I want to talk about this school from myself. My brief introduction simply says that I have worked in an international school for 20 years, at home for 10 years and abroad for 10 years. In this process, I will move to five or six countries, about five or six schools. Then I am still the examiner, training officer, authorized officer and consultant of IB. if this school wants to become an IB school, I will represent IB The headquarters authorized the school to help it become an IB school. After becoming an IB school, good IB teachers are needed to teach. I went to train good IB teachers. In this process, I think I have a deep understanding of the Chinese and Western cultural education, international education, international school and international chemistry school. So today, I would like to share with you my 20 years of education experience.


Canadian International School can be referred to as two schools and three centers. There are two schools and three centers. One is Kunshan Canadian foreign children’s school. This school is from kindergarten to grade 12, and then there is a full IB system, including PYP, MYP and DP. We also have an elite foreign language school, which is a bilingual school, The national nine-year compulsory system is adopted for the courses, from 1 to 9. At the same time, we have a guidance center for further education and an international curriculum center. Besides IBDP, there are A-level, Meigao, pre IB and a language center, which includes English, Chinese, Spanish and other small languages. Spanish is also our language. After August this year, we started to learn Spanish from grade 6 and all the students except Chinese and English.


Let me tell you about our mission and values. Of course, this has something to do with our curriculum system. We grow up in a multicultural environment. Multiculturalism is the opposite of a monistic culture. Therefore, international schools are not English training schools, international education or overseas education. This is what I want to make clear to parents once again. What real international education should cultivate is a pluralistic culture How can a world citizen with cultural understanding, cross-cultural understanding and international feelings achieve this? Our values first require students to be academically excellent, whether in international or domestic education. What we hear most is that international education is happy to learn, no exams, no homework. Wrong. This is totally wrong. Learning is the first step in all education It’s just that in addition to academic excellence, we also need to make students respect others, develop in a balanced way, and serve the public, so this is our values.