Practice the skill base of Chinese Learning

Practice the skill base of Chinese Learning

On April 18, the spring school selection tour of sina & Weibo 2021 international school, CO sponsored by Sina education, Weibo education and blog education, was successfully held at Hilton Suzhou Hotel, helping thousands of families solve the problem of school selection.

Practice the skill base of Chinese Learning

On the day of the exhibition, a large number of high-quality international schools in Suzhou and its surrounding areas made a collective appearance. The admissions officers introduced the characteristics of the school and answered the parents’ questions on the spot. 13 education celebrities and famous school principals shared the “private goods” and educational ideas all day long.


Wu Xinhua, principal of international high school of Longyou Lake foreign language school, gave a speech at the exhibition, with the theme of “highlights of Beiwai international high school”. He introduced the school running tenet of Longyou Lake foreign language school, which is to improve the basic knowledge of Chinese culture, cultivate international literacy, enhance artistic realm and advocate scientific spirit.


The following is a transcript of Wu Xinhua’s speech:


Hello, Suzhou parents. Thank you. My name is Wu Xinhua. I come from Longyou Lake foreign language school affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University. Our school is in Rugao. Why do you want to come here? Rugao is actually two hours away from here by car. In some places, it’s one and a half hours. Since we send our children abroad, why can’t we consider such a good international school around us ?


Our international school is affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University, but its international high school is directly under Beijing Foreign Studies University. I was sent by Beijing Foreign Studies University. In fact, I was dug up by Beijing Foreign Studies University. My family is in California, and my wife and children are there. In order to run this international high school, Beijing Foreign Studies University invited me here. My teachers and courses are all from Beijing Foreign Studies University, all over the world Recruitment of high-quality teachers from Beiwai, training is Beiwai, so our school is worthy of the name of Beiwai school.


This is our slogan. The beautiful scenery of Longyou lake will become the background of your children’s study. Indeed, our school is a garden. One fifth of the school’s area is covered by water. The design of the school has attracted visitors from home and abroad. The crew of the TV series my hedgehog girl has done background shooting in our school next season. The school pays most attention to its red brick red wall and the color of Beiwai. So the world-class university will become your child’s goal, not a slogan, because I have Beiwai, the aircraft carrier supporting us, and it has abundant international education resources.


Longyou lake is a K12 school. From the perspective of University, broad international vision, high-quality human resources and sufficient financial resources, we have built such a world-class international high school in Rugao Beiwai. Beiwai’s mission is to achieve children’s success and surpass ourselves. Our educational philosophy of Longyou lake school is to be wise and to let every child become the wisdom of all-round development Individuals.