Cultivate students to be rooted in China

Cultivate students to be rooted in China

On April 18, the spring school selection tour of sina & Weibo 2021 international school, CO sponsored by Sina education, Weibo education and blog education, was successfully held at Hilton Suzhou Hotel, helping thousands of families solve the problem of school selection.

Cultivate students to be rooted in China

On the day of the exhibition, a large number of high-quality international schools in Suzhou and its surrounding areas made a collective appearance. The admissions officers introduced the characteristics of the school and answered the parents’ questions on the spot. 13 education celebrities and famous school principals shared the “private goods” and educational ideas all day long.


Kang Xiaofeng, director of student activities of CWA Shihua school, delivered a speech at the exhibition, with the theme of “UWC sister school, an IB high school most suitable for Chinese students”. He briefly introduced the school’s education system through five parts: curriculum, teachers, student source, enrollment and student management. He said that English needs immersion learning, and the improvement of students’ language ability is a process of subtle influence. There are many ways to carry out rehearsal teaching and intensive training. He believes that the management of students should be adjusted at different stages and gradually relax the restrictions. He hopes that students can be rooted in China, have both humanistic feelings and scientific spirit, and become innovators to explore and solve human future problems. They can grow together through home school cooperation, and help students become individuals with executive spirit, respect for spiritual mission, love perseverance and excellence through guidance of entering a higher school, guidance of student activities and management of students.


(Kang Xiaofeng, student activities director of CWA Shihua school)


The following is a speech by Kang Xiaofeng, director of student activities at CWA Shihua School:


Good morning, parents and friends. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to share with you the school I work in, Shihua school. Many of you may not have heard of this school. You may have heard of UWC. My speech today is mainly to share with you why UWC wants to create a new school and what it has done to implement these ideas.


Above us are members of the Council of the school, Mr. Wang Jiapeng, Mr. Wang Yi and Mr. Zhao Bin. They founded UWC in Changshu six years ago. There are 18 schools in the world. They all have a common mission. The common mission is to make students become such people who can contribute to the world peace and sustainable development through education. This is the reason Is the mission applicable to all students? You can think about it.


Another reason is that UWC Changshu has made great achievements in running the school. It is facing the enrollment of students from all over the world. In this case, the number of Chinese students entering into the UWC in Changshu is not very large. Therefore, when many students want to study in the UWC but have no way to enter, our chairman’s team wants to create a new school, in order to give us the opportunity to study in the middle school Chinese students can provide IB education with UWC quality, but at the same time, it can meet the characteristics of Chinese students. To carry out our own mission, this is the speech at the opening ceremony at the beginning of our school. We can see that in addition to the president, Mr. Wang Jiapeng, Wang Yi, Zhao Bin and our Chinese president an Ying, the president of UWC and the president of Tsinghua high school are also involved in the preparation of such a new school.


Our school is also in Changshu, which is very close to UWC. It is on the west side, and we are on the east side. The straight-line distance is only 5 kilometers, so we are sister schools. This is our school campus. Today’s speech will give you a brief introduction through five parts: curriculum, teachers, student source, enrollment and student management. Our course has just been shared by many predecessors or previous speakers. Our school adopts the IBDP course system, but we have not really entered the DP stage. We have a SP stage course, so today we will spend more time to help you introduce how to help students lay a good foundation and make progress smoothly Into the DP stage of learning.


Just now Mr. Wang said that IB is a cut. There are six groups of subject courses and three core courses. There are many optional courses in the six groups of subject courses. For example, a classmate may say that I am partial to science. In addition to his required Chinese, English and mathematics, he can choose the other two courses from experimental science, physical chemistry or biology In the sixth subject, you can choose another subject to help the student customize his or her own course plan as personalized as possible.


IB such six groups of subjects are layered, there are high-level courses and ordinary level courses, the difficulty of the two courses is different, each student must have three high-level courses, three are standard level, students according to the level of ability of the course, to maximize the choice of a suitable course, in line with their own characteristics of such a course.