The manufacturing process for many brands is too expensive

This “butterfly” is the essential Consumer-to-manufacturer

Just two years later, the same manufacturers were lining up at his office.This time, it’s the security guard’s turn to chase people…

The manufacturing process for many brands is too expensive

Flap the butterfly’s wings and set sail again

Before the establishment of the necessary, Bi Sheng also founded the popular le Tao net, after the rapid fall of the traditional mode.

After his failure, he took himself and Letao as samples for analysis and was surprised to find a trillion-level market full of imagination space.

This time, Bi created a platform called Necessary to find the butterfly that can take the Pacific Ocean by storm when it flaps its wings.

This “butterfly” is the essential Consumer-to-manufacturer model.

This model allows you to buy shirts made by Bali for 199 yuan.

Sneakers made by * g manufacturers can be bought for only 200 yuan.

You can buy a suitcase made by Xin * Li manufacturer for only 200 yuan.

This “butterfly” sounds incredible

So where is The bull in Bi Sheng’s model?

What’s behind it?

Because the intermediate link is too much, when the goods reach the hands of users, the price has increased tens of hundreds of times, tens of thousands of pieces of luxury goods, the cost may be only a few hundred pieces.

The necessary model allows users to directly connect high-end production lines through the necessary platform and cut off the markup in the middle. Users may be able to buy high-quality products from big-name manufacturers at only a tenth of the original commodity price.

The manufacturer of each product must have its own original design or cooperate with a well-known design agency.

Attracted the end of the retail industry – the vast number of users!

Manufacturers, at the other end of the retail spectrum, are also entranced by the necessary models and knocking on their doors.Because, C2M is the user’s first order, factory reproduction, through big data driven production to eliminate inventory problems.

Give full play to the new driving force, finally get the attention of CCTV

In the first half of this year, in the face of the impact of the epidemic, some overseas orders of the domestic manufacturing industry were cancelled, the necessary model once again attracted the attention of the industry.

On July 4, CCTV news analyzed it as an important sample to promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry.

On August 6, China Central Television’s “Morning News the World” introduced it as an example of how to help enterprises resume work and production and innovate development.

With big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, AR/VR and other technologies, it is necessary to transform its cooperative production lines and launch a “one-piece” flexible production plan.The user orders first, the factory reproduction, so that the production line more accurate with the market demand.

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  1. The epidemic has a great impact on the economy. We should weigh the situation and look forward to a favorable environment.Thank you for sharing.

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