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The road of International Education

On April 18, the spring school selection tour of sina & Weibo 2021 international school, CO sponsored by Sina education, Weibo education and blog education, was successfully held at Hilton Suzhou Hotel, helping thousands of families solve the problem of school selection.


On the day of the exhibition, a large number of high-quality international schools in Suzhou and its surrounding areas made a collective appearance. The admissions officers introduced the characteristics of the school and answered the parents’ questions on the spot. 13 education celebrities and famous school principals shared the “private goods” and educational ideas all day long.


LV Fuguo, a policy expert on further education, delivered a speech at the exhibition, with the theme of “choosing the opportunity and strategy of International Education in the dark”. In this speech, Mr. Lu focuses on three issues, including policies, admission standards and parents’ wishes, to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of international schools.


LV Fuguo first combed five ways to apply for international schools, namely, lottery, k-class kindergarten direct promotion, plug-in student status, transfer and admission to the International Department of public high school. In particular, he reminded that Suzhou’s policy is very good. Schools have autonomy. If parents are willing to let their children apply for international schools, they must make decisions in advance.


What is the most important thing for the school to admit and interview children? Lu Fuguo said that to sum up, there are three dimensions: language ability, virtual course test and logical thinking test. LV Fuguo stressed that international schools are not meant to see who can afford them and go in disguise. On the contrary, international schools have the scope of independent enrollment. Whether they can be admitted depends on their comprehensive quality, academic ability and the overall performance of group activities. They must be well prepared.


Do you want to go to the international school? According to LV Fuguo, the quality of an international school depends on the enrollment rate, the passing rate of the college entrance examination and the popularity of its parents. The better the school is, the more popular it will be.


Should international education go under the epidemic situation? LV Fuguo said that decadence is only temporary. To choose international education is not to worship foreign countries, but to pursue higher education.