Family education is a student’s real goal

On April 18, the “Sina & Weibo 2021 international school spring school selection Tour” jointly hosted by Sina education, micro Blog Education and blog education was successfully held at Hilton Hotel Suzhou, helping thousands of families solve the problem of choosing school.


On the day of the exhibition, many high-quality international schools in Suzhou and around the exhibition appeared together. The recruiters introduced the school characteristics on site and answered the parents’ questions; 13 educational masters and famous school principals shared and shared the “private dry goods” and educational concepts all day.


Famous school selection expert Wang Yin ade delivered a speech, the theme of which is “the guide to school selection without confusion, and the guide to avoid the pit of international schools”. She thinks that education is a trinity presentation, namely school, family and society. Parents should create a family environment for their children to grow up together. Schools should not only provide students with high-quality academic support, but also provide students with a similar social environment.


The following is the speech of Mr. Wang Yin ade:


Good afternoon, everyone in Suzhou. First of all, I am very glad that when we are hungry at this point, so many people are sitting here. It fully shows that our parents’ anxiety in Suzhou is no less than that of Shanghai parents. I am totally in the third party’s perspective, and I stand completely from the perspective of parents and students to help you to avoid the pit. My name is ade, which belongs to the 18 line network red, but it is definitely an education major. I am actually a relatively early group of overseas students. I went to high school abroad in 2000. I was from Nantong middle school in Jiangsu Province. I read it all the way to senior high school. I suddenly realized that this was not what I wanted. I proposed it with my parents to go to high school, undergraduate and graduate school abroad, and then The state governments abroad have been governor assistant and chief assistant as Chinese for two years. Since he returned home, he has been in the international education industry. It has been more than 10 years. Now I am also one of the 11 teachers training of Cambridge University in China. Therefore, we will go to schools, international schools and public schools all over the country. As long as he has the training of purchasing or cooperating with Cambridge University teachers, we will do it. Therefore, I belong to the person who can help you. This is the training It is my own background introduction, how to avoid the pit and which pit to avoid in the international school selection, and how to make you and your children become the people that international school really wants.


First of all, I think it is necessary to talk about the idea. I think all our parents should think seriously. I don’t know how many parents here choose international schools. You really want your children to develop comprehensive level capabilities in addition to their academic ability? There are also some parents who don’t want to suffer in the public system, and want to make him happy and happy. There are no problems. 10000 people have 10000 ideas. Some ideas may be similar, but it is very important to understand what your children are doing in the future when you are unable to cultivate and assist your children Social and world based. A good education fosters a child who you throw him into any corner of the world, and can have a good survival ability. At the same time, he can be proud and confident and different cultural background people in any place in the world to communicate and understand each other.