Special plan of Guizhou University in 2021

Special plan of Guizhou University in 2021

Guizhou University is a national “211 Project” University, a world-class discipline construction university, and a state key construction University of “one province and one university” in central and Western China. The school is located in Huaxi District of Guiyang City, a national ecological demonstration area. It is a comprehensive reform pilot unit of “national civilized campus”, “National Party Construction Demonstration University” and “three whole education”. In 2021, our university will continue to implement the special college enrollment plan for the whole country (except Tibet). According to the Ministry of education’s “notice on recruiting students from rural and poverty-stricken areas in key universities in 2021” (Teaching Department [2021] No. 3), this brief chapter is formulated to standardize the relevant work.


1、 Leading body


Under the leadership of the leading group, the admissions office is fully responsible for the organization and implementation of the college special plan.


2、 Enrollment plan


After the enrollment plan is issued according to the number of plans approved by Guizhou Provincial Department of education, the school will determine and publish the provincial plan according to the source of candidates and the results of qualification examination.


3、 Registration conditions


The special enrollment plan of Guizhou University in 2021 mainly enrolls rural students who are diligent, diligent and good at learning from high schools in remote, poverty-stricken, ethnic areas and counties (including county-level cities). The specific implementation areas shall be determined by the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government).


Registered residence students must registered three basic conditions: (1) meet the requirements of the unified college entrance examination in 2021; (2) I have a registered residence in the countryside of the region, and I have a registered residence for 3 years or more; (3) I have a registered high school in the county for 3 years and actually enrolled. The above qualifications must be approved by the provincial enrollment and examination institutions.


4、 Online registration


1. Time: April 15, 2021 – April 25, 2021


2. Methods: candidates need to log in to the registration system of the Ministry of education( http://gaokao.chsi.com.cn/gxzxbm/ ), complete the application. At the same time, the following data must be scanned and uploaded:


(1) Application form for enrollment of college special plan (including the final examination results of the first semester of senior three; after the application form is submitted successfully, it will be downloaded and printed, sealed on each page by the secondary school, and signed by the student himself; previous students will be sealed by the secondary school of the original student status);


(2) Student status certificate (previous student status certificate shall be issued by the secondary school to which the original student status belongs);


(3) copy of registered residence of my father or mother or legal guardian (household register, home page, student name page) and ID card.


There is no need to mail the application materials for this registration. Candidates must upload all the above application materials to the registration platform. The uploaded application materials must use scanned copies instead of remake to ensure that the electronic documents are clear and readable. Due to incomplete application materials or incomplete procedures, the reviewer shall be responsible.


3. School audit: the school will match the application materials provided by the candidates with the list of qualified students approved by the provincial department in charge of enrollment and examination, and submit the list of qualified students to the leading group of undergraduate enrollment for approval. The list of qualified students will be reported to the sunshine college entrance examination platform of the Ministry of education for publicity. According to the number of people who have obtained the qualification list and the situation of subjects in each province, the school determines the plan of dividing the province into different subjects (comprehensive reform provinces are not divided into different subjects), and publicizes it in the school enrollment network.


5、 Admission principles and preferential policies


(1) The total score of college entrance examination (including provincial policy bonus points, the same below) shall not be lower than the first batch of filing control score line of the same subject in the province of origin (hereinafter referred to as one line), and only one admission line shall be set for undergraduate students The scores of candidates from different provinces should not be lower than the minimum admission control reference line of this type of plan designated by the provincial enrollment and examination institutions. According to the published provincial plan, the university will choose the best candidates from high to low according to the principle of “score first” in the college entrance examination.