Henan's high recruitment work in 2021

Henan’s high recruitment work in 2021

Today, the Education Department of Henan Province issued the “notice on the enrollment of ordinary colleges and universities in 2021”, in which the enrollment of all colleges and universities is clearly stipulated.

Henan's high recruitment work in 2021

The college entrance examination subjects in our province are set as “3 + liberal arts comprehensive / science comprehensive”.


Specific examination schedule:


Candidates volunteer to fill in the form online in three steps


(1) From 8:00 on June 26 to 18:00 on June 28. Fill in and submit: military recruitment, advanced approval of undergraduate course (with public security and judicial Specialties), national special plan undergraduate course approval, advanced approval of art undergraduate course, upgrading from junior college to undergraduate course, and counterpart enrollment (undergraduate and junior college);


(2) 8:00 on June 30 to 18:00 on July 2. Fill in: Art undergraduate a, art undergraduate B, special type enrollment, undergraduate batch one, local special plan undergraduate batch, undergraduate batch two;


(3) From 8:00 on July 4 to 18:00 on July 8. Fill in and submit: Junior College approved in advance and Vocational College approved volunteer.


Results inquiry:


The provincial recruitment office sends electronic transcripts to candidates through read-only e-mail of the general high school entrance examination service platform. The examinee also may inquire my result on the website which the province recruits publishes.


Regulations on enrollment of colleges and universities in Henan Province in 2021


These Regulations are formulated in accordance with the spirit of relevant documents in order to do a good job in the enrollment of ordinary colleges and universities (hereinafter referred to as colleges and universities) in 2021 and ensure that colleges and universities select new students who meet the training requirements.


The principle of fair competition, fair selection, openness and transparency should be carried out in the enrollment work of colleges and universities, and the freshmen should be comprehensively assessed, comprehensively evaluated and selected.