Zhihu launched "product trainee"

Zhihu launched “product trainee”

According to tech planet news, recently, Zhihu launched its first education product “product trainee” app through its Zhihu education team. It is positioned as a high-quality Internet vocational education platform for Internet people, and is a learning mobile phone software developed for product managers.


Zhihu launched "product trainee"

It is understood that the product depends on the plot mode to unlock the learning progress, which is similar to the breakthrough game. Every time it reaches a level, users will get higher-level knowledge content. In addition, the app provides homework service. After learning a stage of knowledge, users will carry out relevant homework. After the homework is completed and submitted, there will be special professional tutors to give feedback to help users consolidate their knowledge system in practice.


In addition to the above functions, the app also supports the viewing and learning of course videos, which can help Internet people achieve career advancement through innovative forms of game and interactive plot.

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