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It costs 80. Have you ever been cheated?

Recently, a TV documentary called international big cost reveal went viral on refresh.In this documentary, which lasts less than 10 minutes, the groups of comparisons are shocking and shocking.

The manufacturing process for many brands is too expensive

The much-discussed documentary shows that some of the biggest brands on the market cost as little as 1 per cent of their selling price.The head of a leading suitcase manufacturer even went so far as to say that more than 90 per cent of patents were actually owned by Chinese factories.

Documentary reference at the same time the famous international consulting firm McKinsey’s article pointed out that although China’s online shopping market highly developed today, but in China there is a electrical contractor APP called “necessary” to create “made users direct” business model, and let user to be able to use the controlled dollars from these factories buy international brands of quality products.

Even when CCTV news program sees the necessary new model, it will be necessary to analyze the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing as an important sample of the future business model.

Behind success, there are countless rejections

Bi Sheng, the founder of Necessary APP, is a former Baidu veteran and a hot shot around Li.Since six years ago, he has led his team into China’s manufacturing industry with 6 million enterprises. Through more than 50 strict standards, he has screened outstanding manufacturers with qualification of “international brands, flexible manufacturing and ex-factory price”.

Now, it has cooperated with more than 200 high-end manufacturers, covering 21 categories such as clothing, beauty care, glasses, food, home, luggage, cars, real estate and so on.

Behind this success, however, there have been numerous rejections.In 2014, the small company trying to redefine global retail had fewer than 70 employees.Bi Sheng took his team to Guangdong, visited thousands of manufacturers, but they were rejected, and security guards as a fraud no less than 10 times out.

He promoted a new model of e-commerce that manufacturing bosses saw as “crazy ideas” and “impossible”.Under the setback, he was seriously ill in Guangdong, with a fever of more than 40 degrees.

Just two years later, the same manufacturers were lining up at his office.This time, it’s the security guard’s turn to chase people…

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  1. Many manufacturing industries have a huge business structure, with a very complex operating system, need to know more.Thank you for your sharing.

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