Alumni donate hundreds of millions of yuan in domestic universities

Alumni donate hundreds of millions of yuan in domestic universities

It was learned from Tianjin University that Lin Songhua, a 1993 grade alumnus of semiconductor physics and devices, donated 313 million yuan to Tianjin University through Xiamen Chunshui love foundation on the same day to fully support the cause development of his alma mater.


Born in 1972, Lin Songhua is now the chairman of Xiamen Yingqu Technology Co., Ltd. he entered Tianjin University in 1993 and completed his undergraduate study. According to the above news, the reason why we chose to complete the donation of RMB 313 million to our alma mater on the 13th is that the special figure of “13” is of great significance to Lin Songhua and his Yingqu technology team: March 13th is the anniversary of the establishment of the network control division of Wanda Group, the predecessor of Yingqu technology.


The surging news reporter noticed that in recent years, it is not uncommon for well-known universities in China to receive “100 million yuan” donations from alumni, and the establishment of relevant funds to help the development of their alma mater and cultivate the development of related disciplines has become a choice for many alumni.


For example, Xiamen University, which has just celebrated its centenary, has received donations of more than 100 million yuan from its alumni.


Xiamen Daily reported that on April 5, Xiamen University held a donation ceremony at the theme exhibition of “returning to Jiageng road and paying homage to the new era”. According to the information disclosed at the scene, Qiu Zixin, a 1980 grade chemistry alumnus of Xiamen University, donated 1 million shares, about 260 million yuan; Li Yaosheng, chairman of Malaysia IOI industry group, donated 100 million yuan; Xu Huafang, 1999 grade business management alumni of Xiamen University, donated 100 million yuan; Zhu Yimin and Xu Huadong, 1986 grade accounting alumni of Xiamen University, donated 100 million yuan; and Xiamen University, 2002 grade EMBA alumni, donated 100 million yuan Su Qingcan donated 100 million yuan.


On April 5, Xu Huafang, an alumnus of Xiamen University and President of Baolong real estate, presented a gift to his alma mater: he donated 100 million yuan to establish the “Xu Huafang education development fund of Xiamen University” to help the development of Xiamen University’s education.


On March 3 this year, surging news learned from the donation ceremony of Peking University’s Zhonggong education development fund that Li Yongxin, an alumnus of Peking University and founder of Zhonggong education group, donated 1 billion yuan to Peking University to support the development and construction of Peking University in an all-round way, as well as the establishment of projects such as Zhonggong Deshan scholarship, grant, scholarship and Zhonggong Chair Professor. This is the largest individual donation and alumni donation since the founding of Peking University.


Hao ping, President of Peking University, said Li Yongxin and the Beijing Zhonggong public welfare foundation he founded donated 1 billion yuan to establish the Peking University Zhonggong Education Development Fund on the basis of the previous donation of 180 million yuan. Half of the 1 billion yuan donated this time will be used as the real estate fund to set up scholarships, scholarships, and to subsidize lecturers and professors permanently.


On June 12 last year, Li Xiting, an alumnus of China University of science and technology, donated 106.8 million yuan to his alma mater and set up the “Li Xiting fund” to support talent introduction and other projects. Li Xiting, a native of Dangshan, Anhui Province, graduated from the Department of physics of China University of science and technology in 1976. He founded Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1991 and is now the chairman of the company.


On December 2, 2019, the signing ceremony for the donation of “Fudan University Chen Xiaoming and he Peixin alumni fund” was held in Fudan University. He Peixin and Chen Xiaoming alumni of Chemistry Department of 1973 donated 100 million yuan to help students with financial difficulties and the development of school education.


On November 19, 2019, Huazhong University of science and technology received a donation of 100 million yuan from zhuo’er public welfare foundation, which is also one of the largest special donations in the history of Huazhong University of science and technology. The official account of WeChat public, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that the donation of 100 million yuan will mainly be used for the construction of research platform, discipline development and personnel training, including, but not limited to, the construction and development of advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other related disciplines, engineering centers and research and innovation platforms.


On October 10, 2019, Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of the company, returned to his alma mater Nankai University. As the founder of the innovation fund of Nankai University, Zhang Yiming donated 100 million yuan to the fund.