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Why can’t children go downstairs to have fun during recess

“The teacher only allows us to drink water and go to the toilet, not let us go downstairs. In the classroom, we can only talk to the students at the front and back tables in the classroom.” the maximum radius of students’ activities between classes: the aisle outside the classroom “,” the children who are less humble than the sports teachers are children without 10 minutes of class “and” children sit in the classroom all day and see no sunshine ” Recently, the half moon talk focused on the 10 minute break between classes. It was reported that children’s games such as rope skipping, house jumping, shuttlecock kicking and marbles were lost in the campus, and many schools were silent for 10 minutes.


“One relaxation, the way of literature and martial arts”. Students’ proper activities in class can not only help to adjust their state, but also help them develop their mind and mind and creativity. In reality, the situation of intercurricular captivity is prevalent in primary and secondary schools around the country, especially in primary schools. Parents have reported that once, taking advantage of the class to send things to children, found the whole school is very quiet, thought to have the wrong time.


Lively and active children, why can’t you go downstairs and “have a good time” in class? How do you give back the children in 10 minutes between classes?


In terms of objective conditions, many schools used to be bungalows, and it is easy to have fun on the playground between classes. But now it is all buildings. Children on the third floor or above will have to consider it just after they come down.


Of course, the key problem is that the school management model has changed. On the one hand, many schools, in the name of emphasizing discipline, think that quiet is the embodiment of discipline. They try to make the active pupils quiet down, which is called “civilized rest”. In addition, the current evaluation system regards teaching achievement as the only standard to measure teaching quality. Good results are the trump road. It is obvious to use 10 minutes between classes to improve the results.


On the other hand, the school safety responsibility is “pressure mountain”. Before, students collided in school, and parents did not push their responsibilities on the school. Now, even if the school has no fault, in order to be more comfortable, it is often to pay certain compensation. Some schools have to make the “three chapters of the law” such as “no loud talk or laughter in the room, no exit from the teaching building, no loud speaking and playing in the outdoor” and so on. Not let students go out to make noise, although the students avoid the problem of parents’ trouble, but can only be wronged by the “captive” children.


Parents thought “give back 10 minutes between classes” and “all the responsibilities of the school” when something happened. To make children play in 10 minutes between classes, we must solve the worries of the school.



In this regard, Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei and other places have issued regulations on dealing with student injury accidents in primary and secondary schools, which strictly defines the responsibilities of all parties to the accident from the legal level, and looses the binding for the management of the school. On this basis, the relevant departments should also consider setting up a special agency to deal with campus accidents and emergencies, so as to avoid the school and students’ parents directly facing each other and let the school carry out recess activities at ease.


In addition, it is necessary to establish a compensation liability mechanism to deal with student accidents. In this regard, the exploration of Shanghai a few years ago may be of great significance. In order to solve the common problems of “parents fear injury and schools are afraid of responsibility”, Shanghai launched a Campus Fund specially designed for accidental injury of campus sports in the national pilot project, in order to further improve the sports injury protection mechanism and encourage and mobilize the majority of young students to participate in sports actively. Moreover, the scope of fund protection is different from the school liability insurance which was insured unilaterally by the school side. The latter is based on the “responsibility” of the school, while the fund is based on the occurrence of sports accidents, and does not involve the determination of the responsibility of the school and students. That is to say, students are injured in the sports injury accident on campus. Whether the school is responsible for it or not, the foundation will compensate.


A strong young man is a strong country. Children need to have intelligence and EQ, and they need to release nature and wild nature appropriately. It should be a consensus to allow children to “Hi” in 10 minutes between classes.