Happy planet for middle class parents

Happy planet for middle class parents

“Chicken baby” is an unavoidable problem for parents recently. Many parents feel that their children’s IQ has gone wrong after watching several “child rearing Legends”!

Happy planet for middle class parents

A while ago, a “I peeked at the secret of Haidian Jiwa” burst the circle of friends, and a number of “Jiwa” commercial sales anxiety surprised many parents. Then Sina Weibo # have you ever been worried by Jiwa number # triggered a heated discussion, indicating that many parents feel the same way. One of the messages expressed most of Baoma’s feelings: she was not only anxious, but also bought a lot of group products and paid IQ tax.


Indeed, when the “chicken baby” was born and spread wildly in the circle of friends, many parents would envy their children who have made great achievements, so they moved up the bench and began to take notes. I don’t know whether my children are suitable or not, so I started the road of Jiwa. I searched all over the Internet for resources, paid attention to Jiwa bloggers, and bought group products


After some tossing, I found that my baby didn’t gain much, and was very tired. I began to resist learning. At this time, parents realized that these chick numbers are not teaching you how to raise children, but selling anxiety. Only by magnifying anxiety can parents empty their wallets. Instead of copying the original version of education, we need to find the right way to do it, and we need to do it every day.


“Jiwa” is expanding, are you still chasing?


After waking up, many parents think that the characteristics of some “Jiwa” are “basking in children + selling anxiety”, and then launch paid consultation and group buying products. In fact, this marketing method is the same as that of a beauty salon, which says that your skin is dry and has many fine lines recently, and that it will show aging, and then sells cards.


This is a wave of sales targeting the audience at the confused families of further education. Because most parents have no experience in parenting, and they have no certain ability to interpret and reserve information about the policy of further education, when they suddenly see how good other people’s children are, they will start the “chicken baby mode”.


Performance is not the only standard to judge whether a child is excellent or not. Looking at the development of various industries in society, people who adapt to society are not necessarily school tyrants. It is very important to cultivate children’s self-supporting ability, happy and healthy personality, and more important to change their thinking and lifelong learning ability.