Good educational concept is very important for children's growth

See the sad story of a middle-aged Adon.

Yang Yuqi, the boy in the show, exposed his mother’s “evil behavior” in public.

Good educational concept is very important for children's growth

Since childhood, his mother often used “we are not rich” to Yang Yuqi brainwash, indoctrinate, young he always worried that he would starve to death one day.

When he grew up, he was dismayed to find that the “poor family” was nothing more than an illusion deliberately created by his parents to cultivate his strong and independent character.

In fact, mom does a lot of shopping, dad eats big meals, and he is the only one in the family who is really “tough”.The deceived Yang Yuqi was extremely sad.

There is a word in psychology called “scarcity mentality”, which means that people who have been in a state of scarcity for a long time will be gradually changed by the environment, and gradually form a scarcity mentality that the more they lack, the more they care about.

Many parents have good intentions of “raising their sons in poverty” and do not want their children to develop the habit of indulgence and extravagance due to material satisfaction.

But too much of a good thing, the result not only does not let the children inherit the mantle of hard work, but in the hearts of children planted the seeds of inferiority.

Zhihu see a middle-aged Adon sad story.


When he was young, his mother was strict with him, and he could calculate how much work he would do in his shop if he wanted pocket money.


Mother hopes adon can be early headed, the future will carry forward the family business.


Once, he wanted to ask his mother to advance the change for next week and invite his classmates to drink.


No matter how he begged, his mother just did not agree, watching the students waiting impatiently outside the door to go, he cried.


Finally, the mother took out five dollars, angrily threw it on the ground and said: “Parents make money so not easy, you also disorderly spend!”

A boy, humiliated by his mother in front of his classmates, bent down to pick up the money that moment of shame, enough to let him remember half a life.

As an adult, Adon was still “poor” even though he was financially independent:

Afraid of spending money, not friends go out to play, so no friends;

Fall in love all AA, girlfriend leaves him and go.

In middle age, Adon was still alone.

Once the “poor” thinking is deeply rooted in the child’s bone marrow, even if the adult has wealth, the heart is still barren.

As the saying goes: rich but temperate, poor but not poor.

The family is rich, also need not deprive the child’s desire deliberately, let the child experience the parents struggle not easy, can let the child know how to cherish more.

The family is poor, also need not often talk about poor, give the child once in a while “squander” reward, enough to let the child heart rich for a long time.

Father is the boy’s first fantasy to the hero, but mother’s words may directly make the child fall into the abyss.

Saw a family mediation program, the son tearfully accused his mother: “I become so are you forced!”

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  1. Want to set up correct money idea to the child, cultivate correct three views since childhood, thank the building Lord share.

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