Only water is allowed to go to the toilet after 10 minutes

Only water is allowed to go to the toilet after 10 minutes

I don’t know when children’s games such as rope skipping, house skipping, shuttlecock kicking, and marbles disappeared in the campus. Except for physical education, there were no students running and jumping on the playground, and many schools were silent after 10 minutes of recess.


“The maximum radius of students’ recess activities: the aisle outside the classroom” “the children who have no recess for 10 minutes are more humble than the PE teachers” “the children sit in the classroom all day and can’t see the sunshine” Parents appeal: give back 10 minutes of recess to children, so that they can go out of the teaching building to play.


Civilized rest? In captivity during recess


Xiaohua’s weight soared, and her mother, Ms. Wang, told her not to sit still at school and go to the playground during recess. In this regard, Xiaohua said, “we can’t do it at all”: “the teacher only allows us to drink water and go to the toilet, and doesn’t let us go downstairs. During recess, we can only chat with the students at the front and back tables in the classroom.”


The students practice rope skipping at recess. Xie chentu students practice rope skipping at recess. Jiechen map

Lively children can’t go downstairs to “have a good time” during recess? Half moon reporter survey found that the situation of captive in primary and secondary schools across the country. In the name of emphasizing discipline, many schools try their best to make the active pupils calm down, which is called “civilized rest”.


In a primary school in Haikou, the school requires teachers not to leave the classroom immediately after class, and the teachers of the next class must arrive at the classroom a few minutes in advance to achieve “seamless docking”, so as to extend “teacher management” to the recess. At the same time, teachers on duty are arranged on each floor to patrol in the corridor during recess.


In some schools, the cadres of the young pioneers brigade set up a duty team to evaluate each class during recess. The evaluation is combined with the evaluation of civilized class every month. Once a class is found chasing and fighting, the brigade department will deduct points for the class, which is tantamount to damaging the honor of the class. The children were imposed invisible pressure, and they consciously stopped playing.


When interviewed by the reporter of the half moon talk, we found that some schools even make people feel that they are not like schools. Even if they are on campus, they also have a sense of silence. Not only can they not hear the sound of reading and speaking, but even the students walk gently.


One of the parents said helplessly that although the beginning of school is the “return of the beast to the cage”, the child is locked up in the cage all day and feels like he is in prison.


2 play = high incidence of accidents?


Primary school students are lively and active in nature, and they have a weak ability to control their strength. Acquiescence in children’s playfulness during recess will undoubtedly greatly increase the probability of accidents.


Some parents think that rather than let them face the unbearable accidents or worry about their children’s accidents, it’s better to give up the idea of playing crazily and let the children carry out school activities under the strict management of teachers.


On the one hand, in order to prevent accidents, on the other hand, to create a safe and controllable school environment, schools have invested a lot of manpower to maintain school safety. Even students go up and down the stairs, go to school and finish school, and pick up meals in the canteen, all arrange teachers to “care” along the way. School entertainment facilities are strictly prohibited for students to play without permission.


In Haikou, some kindergartens do not allow parents to take their children to stay in the park after school, even if they are under the care of their parents, they are not allowed to play on the amusement facilities in the park. The reason is that “if they leave the park, they will leave the responsibility”. If there is an accident in the park, parents will “wrangle” with the kindergarten about the cause of the accident.


Xie like, headmaster of Haikou Yingcai primary school, said that for a city primary school with thousands of people, the safety management of students in the school is indeed a big problem. Strictly limiting the scope and intensity of recess activities can greatly reduce the probability of accidents. However, “this violates the law of children’s physical and mental development. In the long run, the children are very poor.”.


Why not be “wild” during the break


“Primary school educators must be familiar with the physical and psychological characteristics of children.” Xie said that being lively and active is what children of this age need for their physical growth. Only in playing and sweating can their sports ability and physical fitness be exercised. “During the rest time, we only chat and look at the distance. This is not a child, but an adult or an old man.”


“Are we suppressing children’s nature by weighing over and over again to make the recess quiet? Is it beneficial or harmful to children’s lifelong development? Finally, we decided to respect the law of children’s physical and mental development and maintain the original rules of recess activities – as long as we don’t fight or hurt others, we tacitly allow them to be “wild.” Sherico said.


Control the children and let them sit quietly in the classroom. What will be lost when accidents are reduced?


We will lose classroom efficiency. Let the children active in class, dynamic and static combination, can effectively improve the efficiency of classroom learning. “For 45 minutes in a class, we ask the children to observe discipline and listen carefully. If they are not allowed to move, laugh or play games during the break, how can they calm down in the next class?” Even the chase and play between classes can’t be intense, unless it’s after a basketball game, says sherick.


Primary school students’ energy is not released here, it is released there. Xie like, for example, said that one year, in order to give the graduating class more time to review, the school canceled the morning and evening exercises for the sixth grade. As a result, the toilet door on the sixth floor was much damaged that year. “If you don’t let them go upstairs and downstairs to release energy, they will go to the toilet to play, which is more dangerous.”.


Children will lose the chance to exercise and make friends in games. School is not only a place to learn knowledge, but also a classroom to get along with others. Some lively games can not only exercise, but also a good opportunity to make friends.



If children are not encouraged to take outdoor activities and rest, their eyesight will be in a state of fatigue for a long time and they are more likely to be short-sighted. Statistics show that the myopia rate of primary and secondary school students will approach 60% in 2020. Ophthalmologists generally believe that to prevent myopia, the most important thing is to ensure that students have at least 2 hours of outdoor exercise every day.


Xie Li Ke believes that schools should take the pursuit of “zero” fault rate as the goal, but the society and parents should have a certain degree of tolerance for the fault rate, especially for the accidents that occur when the campus management is standardized and the school facilities are safe in place.


The reporter learned that many places in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hubei, have issued regulations on the handling of injury accidents of primary and secondary school students, which strictly define the responsibilities of all parties in the accident from the legal level, thus loosening the ties for school management.