Which Shenzhen International schools can children attend

Which Shenzhen International schools can children attend

The international courses of international schools in Shenzhen and its surrounding areas are different, complex and diverse. Each school has its own educational philosophy and characteristics, which brings many difficulties for many parents to choose international schools

Which Shenzhen International schools can children attend

Which Shenzhen International schools can Hong Kong or foreign families choose? How to avoid detours when children choose international schools? What kind of international courses is more suitable for my children


In order to help school choice families solve various problems in choosing international schools, “Sina & Weibo 2021 International School Spring School Choice Tour” on April 17 brought more than 40 recruiters from Shenzhen and surrounding high-quality international schools to face with you!


Exhibition details


Sina & Weibo international school choice Exhibition


Exhibition time: 8:30-13:00, Saturday, April 17


Venue: 5th floor, Crowne Plaza Shenzhen


Suitable population: all school age families with international education needs


Highlights of the exhibition


1、 Face up to the efficiency of school selection


Don’t understand the admission requirements of international schools? It’s not clear whether international schools can transfer?


No problem! On April 17, teachers from various international schools in Shenzhen will attend the school selection exhibition. Parents and children can face-to-face discuss enrollment matters with the school admissions officer. The exhibition once, you can understand the basic situation of many schools, Enrollment Requirements and other information, time-saving, convenient and efficient!


2、 Diversified choices for all school age families


Participating institutions include not only domestic high-quality private international schools and public international departments, but also overseas study service institutions and primary and secondary schools.


Moreover, the participating schools cover all school age groups from kindergarten to senior high school, which are suitable for different families to choose: kindergarten, Shenzhen primary school, junior high school, and even international high school. On April 17, we will participate in the school choice exhibition, and do it in one stop!


3、 Presidents and celebrities make speeches to understand international education policy


The principal is not only the leader of a school, but also the soul of a school. By listening to the principal’s speech, we will have a deeper understanding of international schools, international education and international curriculum.


There are also guidance experts to share their experience in school selection, help parents master school selection skills, and avoid detours in school selection.


This is not only an opportunity to choose a school, but also an educational feast. At that time, more than ten principals of well-known international schools will give speeches in turn, and we will benefit a lot!