2021 college special enrollment plan

2021 college special enrollment plan

Recently, Tsinghua, Peking University and other colleges and universities in 2021 university special plan concentrated registration before April 25. What are the admission requirements of the college special plan? What’s the difference between the two programs? Can candidates register at the same time?


What is the university special plan? What are the registration requirements?


Recently, the enrollment brochures of more than 30 colleges and universities, including the self-improvement plan of Tsinghua University, the dream building plan of Peking University, the Siyuan plan of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the dream realization plan of Renmin University of China, have been released one after another. Many candidates and parents are confused by these plans. Are these plans the same as the strong foundation plan? Can we sign up?


These “plans” are not equal to the strong base plan, they are collectively referred to as the “college special plan”. The college special plan has no registration restriction policy, and the candidates who meet the registration conditions can apply for most colleges. The college special plan and the strong base plan do not conflict, and the qualified candidates can register at the same time.


The special plan of colleges and universities is an enrollment policy for outstanding candidates in rural areas. There are 95 colleges and universities, including 985 and 211 high-level colleges and universities such as Qingbei restoration of diplomatic relations, as well as provincial key colleges and universities. Through the special program of colleges and universities, candidates can get the discount of admission.


Candidates for registered residence registered in the unified college entrance examination in 2021. The applicants and their parents or legal guardians registered residence in the rural areas. I have registered residence for 3 years in a row. I have a registered residence in the county for 3 years and actually enrolled.


Enrollment process: candidates online registration (before April 25) → preliminary examination (at the end of May) → candidates participate in the college entrance examination (June) → school test (some schools do not have school test) (after the college entrance examination before scoring) → qualification candidates identification (before scoring) → voluntary filling (July) → admission (July)


Admission preference: (1) lower admission points, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and other colleges and universities that arrange school test; (2) schools without school test are selected according to the candidates’ college entrance examination results. Among them, the score of college entrance examination is not lower than that of the first grade.