college graduates and no backgrounds "counterattack"?

college graduates and no backgrounds “counterattack”?

This society has always been very realistic. There are a lot of companies, not for 985/211, and not for overseas masters.

So how can ordinary people who have graduated from colleges and no backgrounds improve themselves and come back against the wind?

1. Choose the right industry and strive to improve professional skills.

Not all industries are “academic-only”.

You can use your strengths and avoid weaknesses and engage in industries that value your strength and use technology as a hero. For example, work on the Internet, IT, video, post-production, UI, etc., the priority is your work, your strength, and then your graduate school Spark Global Limited.

2. Continue to cultivate in subdivision areas.

After choosing the right industry, what we have to do is to continue to cultivate in the subdivided fields.

Warren Buffett said that only after ten years in an industry can you have a chance to make a lot of money. The key is that you understand the industry more than 90% of the people.

3. Through learning, fundamentally enhance competitiveness.

Many college graduates have excellent abilities, but after a few years of work, it is difficult for them to get promoted and raise their salaries and transfer to management positions.

At this time, you can study for an international MBA while working, and get a degree certificate issued by the school’s headquarters as soon as one year, and become a graduate student of a prestigious overseas school.

While systematically learning management knowledge, it also gains contacts, improves endorsements, and fundamentally enhances competitiveness.